Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Week Of Vicissitudes

This week has been a roller coaster ride for me personally and financially for the country. The Dow Jones fell almost 1,000 points. Since I do watch the markets pretty closely, and listen to the real experts, this was not unexpected, but startling nonetheless. Thank Heavens we’re not in the market anymore. However, I am aware that whether by accident or design many millions of ordinary citizens have their 401K’s tied to the market. My heart-felt prayers are with them all. Oil is almost $40 a gallon. A plus for the Average Joe but it’s devastating for the American Oil Industry. This is not a good thing as there are many, many jobs tied to the oil industry. It’s kind of a Catch 22 situation for the world in general.

In personal matters this was a week of high’s and low’s. High because I'm excited about finally finishing the house remodel started last year. And low because this part of the remodel has gone from simple to complex. I’ve learned to never, ever, in-no-way use our local Lowe’s for installations. This is the third attempt at using them for various installations and each time the subcontractors have either been inept, scary or unreliable. I cancelled the whole deal. Then on the return trip from Waycross, we stopped at a carpet installation store in Blackshear and contracted with them. The new carpeting should arrive in about a week or so. The only down side is before they can install it, we have to remove all the furniture, old carpeting, padding and clean the floor. That’s going to be a job! I pray my body and patience holds out.

And I pray your week has been a happy one.

*h/t to Cormus at the CB 1100 Forum for the $64 word this week. :)


Terra said...

I hope the rest of August is a piece of cake for you, especially re the carpet installation and the prep for it.

Linda E said...

I know you will be glad to get all the remodeling done before cold weather starts, and bet it will look 'spiffy'! As for the country and it's financial matters.....down the tube. It worries me for fear we will outlive our money, but then again, when we cant eat, we will go on and die. Rest the weekend and be ready to begin again.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

the sign is so funny! yes to the roller coaster ride, since O is in office, my income is down...a lot...and as long as his war on coal is on, my income will keep going down.
so glad the remodel is close to being finished and it's not news about Lowe's as others have found them inept as well.