Friday, July 3, 2015

Schnauzer Puppy Live Cam

We've been lulled into a major summer tedium around Red Bird Acres. I could discuss the news (ugh, no thanks), or the weather (it's hot, no surprise there), or I could talk about how our not very old Trane A/C has suddenly decided to go to Air Conditioner Heaven and we need a new one. Nah, too depressing. Rather than all those exciting topics, I thought I'd share a website that I find mind numbingly entertaining. Try not to show your disappointment in me too much. *grin*

I have a special penchant for Schnauzers. I do love them in all shapes and colors, with their little fuzzy faces, cropped tails, and happy-go-lucky attitude, but after losing Maxie, decided to not own one anymore. They're too much work.

By the way, there are other Live Cam's available at YouTube. It's a pleasant way to waste an hour or two.


Simply Linda said...

Well....prayerfully, if y'all decide to visit, you will get to enjoy the non humidity here and very cool temps, this morning it is 45*!!! {ducking}

Ugh. So sorry about the ac...I sure can remember those days....ugh


Linda E said...

Cute puppies, and I love any of the live cams. It is a fun way to waste the day for sure. Happy 4th weekend.

Patsy said...

I am not celebrating Independence Day, just the 4th of July this year. So have a great day on the 4th, take along ride with some one you love and cool of. I am still hot under the collar.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Dogs are great companions but they can be hard work too. Ours keeps us busy.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

How precious. The lady across from us has a solid black sch puppy and it is so fun to watch it's playfulness. It is much cooler here today after rain/thunder for 2 days. We are sticks in the mud on holidays and weekends!!!
All the best to you both.

Z said...

I think Schnauzers are absolutely adorable, too...I love their size, their faces, everything about them.
What fun this is...SO CUTE!
Not much love for the Fourth for me this year...I suppose Patty feels that way for the same reason I do....feels VERY WEIRD to be SO disillusioned with our wonderful country.
Read my post only if you aren't in the mood, either (smile)
Blessings to you, dear Sparks! XX Z

DaBlade said...

Oh my word! I must have watched that live Schnauzers cam for dozens of seconds! :) JK... they are awesomely cute. Have a great Fourth, as we patriots celebrate the country as it was founded, and NOT what it has been transformed into.