Sunday, April 19, 2015

PBS: Ancient Roads From Christ To Constantine

A few weeks ago, I happened upon a very interesting six hour mini-series on PBS titled “Ancient Roads From Christ To Constantine” by London based Jonathan Phillips. It’s a very well done. So far, I’m impressed by how thorough Mr. Phillips was in researching the history of the time. He couldn’t quite get it right about the Apostleship of Paul (Saul of Tarsus) and Paul’s importance to the Gentiles though. Perhaps Mr. Phillips has not been taught the Grace Message and why Paul was raised up after the stoning of Stephen but he did seem to get the history of all his journey’s and writings correct. With all the persecution going on at that time and then the twisting of the truth when merged with the still pagan Roman culture, it’s amazing that the message survived at all. The Grace Message given to Paul was kept safe in the Netherlands for many centuries during the time of the Roman conquests. God always keeps His Word safe so that all may hear and be saved.

But, back to the series, I admit, I’m very weak on this part of history because I don’t understand Middle Eastern customs or how they live. Quite frankly, never been overly interested. I’ve been so focused on learning what God wants for me in this life that sometimes I forget about the humans surrounding Him during the time that He walked the earth. This production has more-or-less fleshed out what that area was like back then. Until the series, I had never heard of Josephus (born Joseph ben Matityahu, lived 37 AD to 100 AD) and one of his writings titled "The Jewish War". I looked his writings up on Amazon, thinking that I would like to read it, but after reading the reviews, I think the book would too deep for me.

Sometimes I forget it was such violent, unstable time then. I do recommend the series. It's aiding me in learning about Christ during His time on earth. 

Here's a promo at Vimeo of "Ancient Roads". Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I thank you for sharing about this series as I had not yet heard of it.
Wishing you guys a safe afternoon free of storms.

Linda E said...

I would really enjoy this series. I have always been curious of the history surrounding the area.

Simply Linda said...

I just saw where y'all are suppose to get bad weather, praying y'all stay safe.

You need to talk to Dave--he can tell you all kinds of things about that, smiles. Blessings

Lulu James said...

I look forward to seeing this series-thank you for sharing. How did it happen---one word--Jesus!

Z said...

Sparky, the Armenian genocide kind of echoes some of what was going on then... they were the first Christian nation and 1.5 were massacred by the Turkish Muslims around 1915...

And THE NETHERLANDS? THAT is fascinating, huh? Who'd have thought..??

Happy Week! XXX

Vee said...

When they miss the mark on such fundamental things as Paul's apostleship and the fact that God told him things that He had told no one else (including the other apostles), I lose trust. LOL! Can't say that I have read much Josephus, but I appreciate that a secular historian substantiates so much scripture.

Patsy said...

How did I miss you had started to blog again????