Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Titusville, Florida 1953

Below is an old news clipping from 1953 of my adopted father, Donald Willard Ackman, and the Line Crew with Florida Power & Light, Co. in Titusville, Florida. Don is the one with the heart graphic.
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Fresh from the western Pennsylvania / West Virginia coal mines, Dad had started with FP&L this very same year.  Being also newly married for about 5 years, I imagine he was concerned about supporting the wife on a coal miners wages. I can't imagine a life that hard and austere.

It was a pleasure to be acquainted with most of the fellows on the crew. Sammy Hendrix is one crew member that frequented our home. I also remember a "Blacky" (Blackmore) but can't recall his full name. We where also good friends with Chuck Roof (standing, left hand side). Chuck's three children and I kinda grew up together. They lived way out near the even smaller community of Mims and Chuck is the one that taught me how to drive a tractor at an early age. I had my first taste of fried squirrel at their home. I had one of my first crush's on their son and their daughters and I sang, danced and dreamed to The Monkees and other popular groups. I was also under their care for a short time in 1966-68 after my mother died. It was fun growing up there in the 50's and 60's. I left Titusville in 1974 for better economic prospects.

Notice the cigarette in Dad's right hand? That man smoked like a chimney. He always had cigarettes, cigars, pipes and anything that would stay rolled long enough for him to light. He said he started smoking in his early teen's. Dad died in January 2006 of kidney failure from taking statin drugs to control his cholesterol.

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Monkeywrangler said...

S=Suzuki I think.

Nice to have happy memories of family friends. Hope you get some ride time this weekend, Sparky!

Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

@MonkeyWrangler ~ Good show. You win! *ha ha* Hope you all have a wonderful TBT. ~:)

Carol B. said...

I like your signature graphic, but I have no idea what the "S" is. Sorry.
This was a very good post. Those men had one of the worst jobs. And you know it had to be physically damaging too. I'm surprised your father could keep smoking like that after being in the mines.
My girlfriend and I danced to the tunes of the Monkeys too. The 50's were good times growing up.
Hope you're healed and back to your ole self. :)

Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

@Carol B ~ I ride a Suzuki and that's their "S" symbol that emblazened on all their equipment. :)
I know, after working in the coal mines, I'm surprised he would smoke (such a nasty habit, hope that doesn't offend).
Thanks, I'm almost healed. Still itchy on the part of my lip where it started. Hope it doesn't return.
Y'all have a very happy, sunny day. ~:)

Monkeywrangler said...

Lysine, lysine, lysine! Take an oral supplement of Lysine and it will help suppress the virus.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

nice sig graphic...well done!