Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Queen For A Day #Birthday

I have a full plate today.

First off, this year today is when we Georgians vote in the Primaries. Since I try to always exercise my right to vote, even if it's a choice between the devil I know or the devil I don't know. That's first on the plate. I know it's one of our ever dwindling rights as an American.

Next on the plate, it's my birthday! Hubby usually takes me out for something special and treats me like a Queen. Truthfully, he does that year round, but on my birthday he goes all out. I sure found a treasure when I met him.

So I am off to fill my plate with more fun and frivolity. I would also like to wish everyone a happy, fun filled day.

[waving my hand regally] Go do something joyful just for yourself.

Since I'm Queen For A Day, I proclaim this allowable. *smile*

Ride Safe,


Simply Linda said...

My dear sweet friend..you are always a QUEEN!!! Happy Birthday! Blessings

linda said...

Enjoy your special day! God bless.

Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

Thanks everyone for adding so much extra fun to the day. You are all very special to me. It has been a super spectacular day and it's not even over yet! Luv ~:)

Carol B. said...

Wonderful!! Queen for a day. Happy Birthday! I hope you've been having a great day.

DaBlade said...

Happy Birthday Queenie!! Don't forget to fill in the details with your loyal subjects!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Happy, happy birthday! Hope it was spectacular and you did something fun!