Thursday, April 3, 2014

Georgia Springtime Flowers

The one (there's only one) bad thing about being retired is I keep forgetting what day it is. So, instead of a Throwback Thursday post, how about some pretty Spring flowers from around our property.

Cherokee Rose
Georgia State Flower

We've spent the day working around the yard clearing trees, picking up debris, all that 'fun' stuff that goes with property management. So, for a treat, we plan to ride our motorcycles to a Barbeque joint this evening to meet with our local Swamp Runners Group. It's a friendly little group with like-minded Christian riders. We make plans to ride en masse to a predestined Restaurant or event on the weekend. And, notably, this will be my first night ride ever. Yes, I promise to be careful. Night riding can be very dangerous.

What are your plans for the evening?


Monkeywrangler said...

No evening plans for tonight or tomorrow, though I will take DH out on Saturday to a nice place we have some gift cards for to celebrate his birthday.

linda said...

As for being retired and forgetting, I am at the head of that class. Love the pretty pictures. Enjoy your ride this evening.

Patsy said...

Most mornings when I wake I say this is the day the lord has made and it is like THURSDAY APRIL 3-----You get the picture, boy it is hard for (me) getting old.
Compared to your day and night mine is and will be boring.

Simply Linda said...

Very pretty. Have fun. Blessings

Jackie said...

So many people never get to see a Cherokee Rose. Thank you for posting it. I love this time of the year, and I appreciate your sharing your spring beauty with me.

Carol B. said...

I love the Cherokee Rose. So pretty. Hope you're having a great weekend.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

this morning I had to look at the clock to see what day is today. my clock has temp, day of week and date...or I'd always be lost at home.

White Lace and Promises said...

I can't believe that some of my mama's bulbs are actually pushing up green stuff! It's been 3 threes! So maybe the ice helped. There's only green and no color yet, but we'll see. Hope you're having a great start of a new week.