Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rambling Thoughts

A very dear blogger friend shared her rambling thoughts today, so, I thought I’d jump in and share mine.
  • Attended yet another funeral today for another friend in Brunswick: casual friend for me, former working buddy for Hubby. This is becoming all too common for us. It seems like so many of our friends / family are going to meet the Lord before us. It was a nice service but I feel really down for some reason.
Ok, I do know why.
  • I had a bit of an epiphany sitting in that humble Presbyterian church. This could be me next. We’re all aging. Unfortunately, Hubby is 8 years older than me. I wish it was the other way around! He traded his good health for physical labor that we may have our daily bread. Now his poor body is showing signs of all this hard labor. He’s had two shoulder surgeries, knee surgeries, cortisone shots for pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and on and on. We talked about the finality of life recently and decided it would be wise to have Living Wills and Power Of Attorney’s made next year. There are already regular Wills, of course, but our Financial Guy had suggested the additional documents. Kinda brings it all home, doesn’t it? No one lives forever on this earth. Best to make plans so those left behind will not have too many agonizing decisions to ponder. Plus, Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a control freak. [smile] I want my funeral my way (like, I’ll be here to enjoy it … lol).
  • My mood didn’t improve when we returned from the funeral this afternoon for we saw that the Jack Russell Terrorists had partially tore up the dirt driveway leading into the carport! I think Sam was trying to dig to China. Before we left, Sam had gotten hold of Hubby’s leather cell phone carrier and was proceeding to dismantle it. [Those things aren’t cheap!] And just a few minutes ago, I had to take some of my Christmas decorations away from them that I had down by the gate. I had planned on leaving them up for when hubby’s sister and family get here on Wednesday so everything would look festive, but, needless to say, I’m putting away the decorations tomorrow. I will be so glad when The Boys get neutered next month!! They are such a pill right now. THEY’RE DRIVING ME BONKERS TODAY! [lol]
Aw well.
  • I’m sitting here enjoying “Jane Eyre” (2006) playing on the Ovation Channel again. It’s a wonderful story. I finally read the book a few months ago, and this version is the closest to the book. It’s such a pity that Charlotte Bronte’ died so young. She must have been one of the best writers that’s ever lived and this story ranks at the top.

  • I enjoy family genealogy. A LOT! I was a frequent contributor to FindAGrave. As of this past week, I left the site. In March 2010, FindAGrave created a way to “edit” other peoples contributions and ever since then, it’s brought out the trolls in droves. So many fellow contributors are now spiteful, unkind, violent and down right rude. 99% of them are women. Isn’t that sad?! What’s happened to us females?! We used to epitomize kindness, love, and a softness that is now lacking in our society. There’s a harsh, cruel edge to so many women now. I don’t go there with the being bossy crowd “just because I can” with the anonymity of the internet. So, I’m outta here with that site. Turned all my memorials over to a friend to care for if there's any further updates. That keeps my three mothers and all the family I’ve added in loving memory “safe” from predatory women. Maybe we should call them Internet Cougars, like those sick women that prey on children. Yuck. Anyway, I feel relieved to be away from the site. I was beginning to dread checking my e-mail of late because I took a risk that there would be some cruel comment on one of my loved ones memorials. Unkindness always gives me tummy aches.  I had enough of that from an abusive father.
Well that’s all that’s in my muddled head tonight. I’m going to enjoy some of my Hippie Tea (actually it's Tension Tamer Herbal Tea, makes one very relaxed) and an early night, I think. Tomorrow will bring a new day with a new beginning and hopefully, a better outlook.

~ Ride Safe ~


linda eller said...

Your feelings could be tagged 'Linda' in Tennessee. I think it is the let down from Christmas, the yukky weather we are having, and just not feeling well at the same time. As Jim said, sick and tired of being sick and tired! Hope tomorrow will be better day for both of us.

Simply Linda said...

So sorry about the husbands cousin died this past Oct, he was only 40 ish?(can't remember) We had wills for a while now..not there is any property left..but always be prepared. Yes, agree..everytime I go to a funeral..I have the same thoughts. LOL'ing about the 'boys'..sorry..had too laugh. Why, those terrorists! Shame on them, lolol. Thanks for sharing your rambling thoughts. The boy & hubby are downstairs watching something on and the dog are hiding.Shh..don't tell anyone, lolol.

Simply Linda said...

Yep..agree with Linda, btw. {keeping her & Jim in prayer}

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the funeral and the dogs tearing up things. This dreary weather makes the days seem long.
We made living wills etc. about 10 year ago - glad it is over with. When mother's hospice chaplain was murdered only 8 weeks after she died, it really got me thinking about how we never know. Thankfully, we know we have an Eternal Home.
Tell those terrorists to settle down. Enjoy your tea and sleep well.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Don't get me started on women...they are far more vicious than men. You are being wise in doing Trusts and funeral arrangements NOW so you can get exactly what you want and not what someone else wants. Dave was 8 years older than I; it took me a few weeks/months to realize he'd told me 'no military funeral' because he despised the president. In the stress of his "untimely" death, I forgot that and Dave got a military was lovely and touched everyone.
Back to the can buy/use the ones you find on the i-net and they are legal. You could use Dave Ramsey's site to find one of his "providers".
I've some of that Tension Tamer tea; it puts me to!