Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

After 7 years of owning this thing, we finally fired up the fire pit. The fire jumped up so high I'll bet satellites could pick it up! [ha ha] It's only about 46 degrees, which is downright balmy compared to what many of my friends are going through tonight further North, but hey, this is chilly for Southeastern Georgia!

I bundled up nonetheless. I have a propensity towards sore throats, so, I'm not taking any chances! I've been plagued with this since a child. I hate taking antibiotics.

"The Boys", Jack and Sam the Jack Russell Terrorists "helped". Yeah, riiiiight! [lol] Lucy, the boxer, stayed inside. She's having trouble with her right rear wheel. Her ankle keeps giving out on her and many days she can barely walk. Poor thing. I can relate to how rough it is to get old.

I was hoping we would witness the meteor shower that's suppose to be this evening. Alas, no luck. I do enjoy weather and atmospheric events.

Have a great evening folks!

~ Ride Safe ~


Anonymous said...

I have always thought it would be nice to have a fire pit. In John's younger years when he would camp with friends at Lake Lanier, his nickname was "Pyro!" He was the fire starter!!!
It's cold here too and more RAIN is expected. We had 9 days straight recently.
Hot tea before bed sounds delicious. Sleep well!

Simply Linda said... don't know what cold is, LOLOLOL. I think that meteor shower is suppose to last until Sat..anyways..stay warm..Lucy had the right idea, lol. Blessings

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Hey Pam, try giving Lucy a baby aspirin; it's only 81 mgs and will help her feel better and move easier. Whenever the dogs and I have had a hard day, we all get aspirins at night and in the year prior to Grace's death, she got one every night with her supper.
I keep my throat covered as well; it just makes good sense.