Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Eric Holder - Gosnell Abortion Clinic Connection

Since the main stream media are now a failure at reporting news, it's up to Christians on the internet to keep this story in the forefront. There's a lot more to the Gosnell story than meets the eye: It stinks on so many levels.

The wife of Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, is a co-owner of the building in which Gosnell's abortion clinic was located, "Holder failed to disclose his wife’s ownership of the building. The attorney general’s financial disclosure reports for 2008 through 2011 show Holder neglected to report his wife’s co-ownership."

Eric Holder Failed to Disclose Wife’s Abortion Clinic Ties

Well, well, well!! This is just more every-day, garden variety, corruption in the Obamanation's "transparent" administration. 'Nothing to see here, folks; the media's not reporting it. Move along.'

Thank God the media are being shamed by that photo of empty media seats at the trial of this man who, if convicted, will be the biggest mass murderer in American history. Gosnell made a fortune from murdering babies and, it appears, Eric Holder's wife also benefited monetarily from the murder of live children outside their mothers' wombs.

This story is HUGE. No wonder the already mass murderer Eric Holder, the Obamanation himself, and their sycophants in the media want to pretend it's not happening.

No wonder the Left want to disarm American citizens with this bogus back ground check malarkey. Disarming us they can murder more of us who do not conform to their deviant lifestyles post abortion style.

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Ron Russell said...

This is a huge story Sparky. I didn't know about Eric Holder's part in this story. Obama is remaining as far away from this as possible. Which is understanding considering his votes on abortion issues while he was a state senator. I'm quite sure he doesn't want that brought up again. And I suspect, this is one of the primary reasons the MSM is so opposed to covering the Gosnell trial.