Thursday, January 17, 2013

There's Someone More Dangerous Than Guns

And, continuing in the same vein of yesterdays post that more people have died from other types of violence not involving guns.

Drone Strikes Kill Maim And Traumatize Too Many Civilians, U.S. Study Says

Many of those killed have been innocent children and two of them where American citizens. Murdered without warning or a trial.

Obama is nothing less than a Seriel Killer. In a suit. With armed guards. And apparently there's no stopping him. The real assault weapon danger is our out-of-control 'president' and his henchmen.


Ron Russell said...

You are right Sparky. The most dangerous assault weapon in this country is the sitting president. And he is having a good run, but all bad things come to an end and as Hemmingway said--"The Sun also Rises".

Thistle Cove Farm said...

If I didn't have Christ, God and the Holy Spirit, I'd be frightened out of my wits! As it is, some nights it's difficult to sleep. I do NOT understand how this country has fallen so low.