Monday, October 1, 2012

Obama Is The Bump In The Road To Prosperity

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The article below was found at: The Jawa Report with [my comments] included.

Please send this to all of your Obama supporting friends and acquaintances. The graph represents the labor participation rate for the past 10 years. As you can see, when Obama took office 65.7% of adults were working. Today, that number has decreased to 63.5%
Put another way, about 4 million fewer people are working today than when Obama took office. [PS, With no hope in sight if he is not kicked out of office!] And as you can also see, since Obama's "recovery" began there are even fewer people working then in the worst of the recession he inherited. [Admittedly, George W. Bush was a lousy President, but not this bad, and at least he doesn't hate America like Barry.]

The unemployment rate is defined as people looking for work divided by the number of people actually working. The one and only reason unemployment has "dropped" from the recession high is that far fewer people are looking for work today. [AND, a lot of people are underemployed.]

Obama inherited a bad economy. No one is arguing that he didn't.

But Obama's policies have made it worse. Fewer people have jobs, incomes are down, government has grown unchecked, the debt has skyrocketed, the economy is growing at the speed of a crawl, and the US is less prestigious in the world. [Add: the "peace loving" Islam degenerates are out of control, murdering and torturing even more innocent people ... etc. etc.]

He (Obama) is an utter failure. Empirically the worst President in modern history by all fair and objective measurements.

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Please remember the 40 Days of Prayer and pray that this godless atheist is soon kicked out of the White House.

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Sparky; I followed you home -smile-.
During Obama's time in office; we've crossed over the 50% mark in the USA population on some form of government check...and I don't mean retirement! We're now about 53% of the USA population receiving government "aid and assistance". No wonder he got elected; when people are willing to sell their birthright so they can sit on their fat acres and collect "mailbox money", that shows denial is only a river in Egypt!