Thursday, September 6, 2012

Democrat Platform: In God We (Don't) Trust

Four words that speak volumes about America's values, yet Democrats attending their convention in Charlotte, N.C., booed, shouted 'no', and shook their heads when His name was restored to the Democratic party platform.

The baby killing Secular Humanists, the Jew haters, God haters have taken over the Democratic Party.

Convention floor erupts as Dems restore references to God, Jerusalem in platform

And it was NOT 2/3rds that OKed putting God back in their platform, as one pundant stated. It was much less than that. I actually watched that event on Fox News.


Marydon said...

If you actually watch the teleprompter, the whole thing was written before hand & staged as we saw it. That was shown on Fox News ... I'm telling you. God bless this nation, may He have mercy on those behaving so poorly towards Him.

Have a great weekend!

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Sparky said...

The DEMONcrats are definately living up to their names this week. I just pray that voters are paying attention.