Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh Hail

Our countryside had some pretty good size hail last night! The noise woke me up at 1:35 AM and continued on for a good ten minutes or so. It sure made a mess. The wild birds seemed to fair well also. I haven't found any little remains around the yard so far. Thank goodness.

Hubby and I recently repainted and fixed up our old wooden back decks. I bought inexpensive yellow chairs from Lowe's, repainted the table yellow and white, and hung new windchimes. It feels like our own personal Paradise! So we have been enjoying our "new" back decks in the evenings. It's pleasant turning off the news for awhile. My thoughtful sister-in-law gave me the fancy wine glass for my birthday this weekend. I think it makes the wine taste better. At least, the pretty glass makes me look better ... or maybe that's just the wine. *giggle*

I hope everyone is having a happy week.


Anonymous said...

A great place to enjoy nature! The glass is very pretty; a thoughtful gift! Hope you guys have a nice Memorial Day weekend.

Marydon said...

Awww! Sweet friend!!! I LOVE that pink glass! for gorgeous you to enjoy! Happy birthday. Love the spruced-up-to-yellow-now. What a lovely shade of yellow to brighten your day.

You'll have to visit in a little while, you'll love the pics.

Germany! No!NO!No!! Not friendly nor welcoming to we USA's. Holland, absolutely!!! They love us & are wonderful people & graet country.

Pray for our troops that protect & serve us ... & for the souls that hve gone before us. Happy Memorial Day!