Sunday, May 27, 2012

Barry Obama's Drug Abuse

While our veterans are sacrificing themselves selflessly to insure our liberties and supposedly to protect the US Constitution, our Commander and Chief was/is using drugs and plotting the destruction of America, one legislation at a time.

But what can one expect from a man born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia?? He doesn't like America. Obama hates America!

It has been well known for years that President Obama was an avid user of cocaine and marijuana in both his high school and college years. However, the rabbit hole appears to be much deeper than previously thought ... [story continued at: Sweet: Obama thanked his drug dealer in his high school yearbook]

Is it any wonder now that the Secret Service are also users?

I also see that the partner/drug dealer from High School was homosexual, just like O'blamo.

Birds of a feather ...

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Marydon said...

Good write, Sparky! Right on ... he's a disgrace to we who are true blooded loving Americans.

Please pray for those that are serving our country & those that have gone before us.

Happy holiday weekend ~