Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ouch! Let's Change From The Dope To Real Hope!

I don't propose to be an expert on the economy. But I know that something is seriously wrong with our country. I am only an average citizen that is paying close attention to our personal finances. Our costs just keep going up and up. It's especially noticeable when buying groceries and at the gas pump. It now takes over $65 to fill my gas tank and I don't even have what is commonly called a "gas hog". Heck, my Suzuki V-Strom costs over $15 to fill now! At least it gets 65+ mpg but I can't run all my errands on the bike. Gas has climbed 20 cents in one week! We are now at an average of $3.69 a gallon (at this moment). Could be higher by the time I hit the Publish Post button. This ecomony is far worse than living under Jimmy Carter and I lived through that one.

And O'Bummer been liein' ... again. He said in a recent address: "... we (America) consumes 20% of the fuel in the world and only have 2% in reserves". THAT'S A LIE MR. OBAMA! The Congressional Res. Service estimates that we have at least 145.5 BILLION barrels of crude oil within our reach (off shore, under the soil, etc.). That's not counting natural gas. This is enough to last us for at least 250 years or more. (1) The problem is not the muslims overseas, the problem is the muslim in the White House. So far he has personally shut down everything that comes across his desk to allow us to prosper. He won't permit oil drilling, he won't permit oil to be imported, he won't permit ... us to live free!

Also, in other news ...

We will, quite possibly, find this guy stuffed in a dumpster in Chicago one day. Here's a video of Larry Sinclair describing his homosexual fling with Obama back in 1999.(2) I blogged about this subject before but haven't seen the video until today. Yep, O'Bummer is as pure as the driven (cocaine) snow!

Please, y'all tell me again how the Obamanation will be
I can't afford much more of this Dope's Change.

(1) h/t Gerri Willis at Fox News Business
(2) h/t My good pal Pappy's Ponderings :)


Marydon said...

No surprise, for sure. Hadn't heard about it tho. TY for sharing, my friend.

Hope you are both doing well.

Simply Linda said...

I hate to tell you this..but Ron Paul's camp is pushing for Romney. Yep..do some internet digging, you will find it. As for Bummer-unfort. & sadly, he will be reelected. Mark my words. YOu saw that right--BUMMER. LOLOLOL

Also, do some digging on Bummer--why is it that none of his past girlfriends or relationships have ever been exposed? Hmm?? Do I smell coverup--you betcha. Do some digging, Sparky, you might be suprised what you find, or you migh not be. Blessings

Sparky said...

@Linda ~ It's transparent to all who watch the news it's nothing but lies and coverups for this Presidency. More than likely, Ron Paul will throw his support behind whomever the Republican Party picks only to keep from splitting the vote and handing the election to O'Bummer. He by no means supports Romney, nor any of the other self professed "conservatives".