Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh Say Can You See

My vision has been getting progressively dimmer of late. No eyeglasses would work ... at all. So I paid a visit to the eye doctor today. Quite literally "paid" by the time I could escape the office. I hate doctor offices. They're like black holes that suck you in and you can't escape until the evil wizard is vanquished by throwing money at him. [What a drama queen, right?!]

Prognoses? Cataracts!? That was a shock. No wonder my eyeglasses didn't work so well anymore. My first lens replacement surgery is scheduled for mid-March.

I told my husband I want sympathy and lots and LOTS of vanilla Blue Bunny No Sugar Added ice cream with chocolate syrup! He had a good laugh. Well, ok, I'll settle for the ice cream. That's probably more realistic.

In the news, I hear that my Teen Idol, Davy Jones of The Monkees, passed away. Another shock! I had such a crush on him in the '70s and had all The Monkees albums. [sigh] I can't take two of these in one day.

I'll need more ice cream to handle all this bad news.


Marydon said...

Oh, you know what? I dislike Drs. but now we are all on first name basis I have to see them so often.

I had both of mine done within a week of each other last Nov., Sparky ... a real breeze. The vision is unreal how clear it is now. It was a breeze.

Hope all is ok otherwise.

Have a great eve ~

Sparky said...

That's right, you did have it done recently! Hubby likes his new "eyes" too. And I should have related how I'm on a first name basis with not only numerous doctors but also their staff. *sigh* Just part of getting old ... I guess ...

Lanny said...

I woulda had a crush on him to, I really wanted to, but he was too short.

Even though the procedure will be a breeze like Marydon says, I say still go for the sympathy and ice cream!

Simply Linda said...

I totally dislike Dr.'s. Like hubby saids, "Why do I have insurance when it isn't paying for anything?" I understand they got to make a living, but you surely don't see me a driving $100,000 car, do you? ANYWAYS--Sorry about the eyes & surgery. Sending prayers.

I saw that about Davey Jones. I had to re read it 3 times, I was shocked.

Sparky said...

@Lanny ~ Another ice cream aficionado. I like the way you think!

@Linda ~ High medical costs are because of the government, insurance and frivolous lawsuits, not doctors. If your business takes off, you'll be driving an expensive car too. :)