Friday, September 23, 2011

Hunter Cattle Company

When not contemplating politics or wheeling around Georgia on two wheels, we do other things. Last batch of chicken we prepared, Hubby spent almost 1/2 an hour trimming fat preparing it to be cooked. How ridiculous! We're paying for all that fat that can't, and shouldn't, be eaten. Plus, I know these chickens have been fattened with hormones. Not a good thing! That set me to thinkin', why put up with this!? There has to be a healthier way to eat without putting a huge dent in our pocketbooks? So, Hubby, being the intelligent guy that he is, surfed on the 'net and found a few "local" farms that sell grassfed beef, free range chickens and pigs. Sounds good! So, we hopped in the ol' wagon and paid a visit to one of them.

This first one we've visited was Hunter Cattle Company near Brooklet, Georgia. Brooklet is sort-of between Statesboro and Savannah.

The grassfed beef we had that evening from Hunter Cattle was excellent! So far, so good. This may be the start of a beautiful relationship. :)

Hunter operates from a renovated Sinclair gas station.

Hubby had to get in
on the fun.

There are antiques sitting about everywhere.
I was in heaven!

Hunter Cattle sponsors Fall Festivals
and other fun events for kids.

This is too precious!
And very essential. :)

I like they way they care for their animals.
These are some of the free range Chickens.

They also have dogs, kitties
and a fainting goat.
But, they're not sale, just for giggles.


Tina Leigh said...

Well that is interesting and looks like a cool place! It is hard trying to eat better these it because there are so many choices? Im a fat kid...I want food...all the time! LOL

Linda said...

I am so moving to GA. (LOL)--in all seriousness, that is pretty cool! I will have to do a web search for our area. How interesting! That would be a really cool field trip. Smiles & blessings from Bama world.