Friday, September 30, 2011

Funny Friday ~ In The Can

It will be a good day indeed
when OWEbama is in the can!


Linda said...

Yep..unfort..I don't believe there are many viable candiates for office next yr. On another note... Whatcha' think about the bank fees?

Sparky said...

Bank fees? We use a credit union and don't have such an animal. :)

In my opinion, there are a couple of EXCELLENT candidates so far: Gary Johnson (R-IN) and Dr. Ron Paul (R-TX), just to name two. They are true Libertarians (believe in Liberty & Freedom). Herman Cain may be another.

God bless! :)

Linda said...

Not sure about Ron Paul..he is a little loose cannon..I have not heard of the Johnson guy. I have heard of Cain..don't know much about him. I guess I ought to get busy and start reading, huh?

Yeah, bank fees. No worries, we will be switching come Monday to the CU.