Friday, September 9, 2011

Good Deal!

Our new Republican Governor, Nathan Deal, seems to be doing a very good job so far. I've read in an article today, that much to local farmers chagrin, Deal is suppose to pass a law very shortly that will crack down on illegal immigrants. This is a bad thing?!! HUH?! Some whiney cry-baby farmers are now threatening to leave their onions in the fields because of the new law. I have to tell ya, I have come to dislike farmers living out here. I used to admire them but not anymore. I was shocked to learn that they're basically lazy and many of them are socialists! For goodness sake, guys, go into town and hire the unemployed I see lining up at the gummit offices. Geez Louise!

I'm also happy to hear that Gov. Deal is also cutting the State of Georgia's borrowing.
By Shannon McCaffery
Associated Press

Atlanta (AP) - Borrowing in Georgia has decreased under Gov. Nathan Deal, who campaigned as a fiscal conservative.

But with the state's unemployment rate at 10.1% - above the national average - some say the state should be using its coveted AAA bond rating and borrowing more for infrastructure projects that would create jobs.

Deal spokesman Brian Robinson said the governor is committed to reducing the size of government and that keeping borrowing in check will help the state maintain its rating.

In his first budget as Georgia's chief executive, Deal slashed state bonding nearly in half, from the roughly $1 billion a year sought by his predecessor, Sonny Perdue, to a relatively modest $563 million. He also vetoed another 11 bond projects in the university system worth more than $40 million.

It was a happy day indeed when we voted out Gov. Perdue.

Now if we can just get our flag back. I like it, and still fly it, 'cause it pisses off the right people.

That would definately be a good Deal! :)


Linda said...

GA better be careful, AL pased the new immigration law and we are being sued by the fed. gvt. Yep, that's right.

UGH..ppl are ignorant when it comes to that flag or any flag that has the stars and x on it. Since I lost my train of thought, and can't remember what I was going to say about that flag. I know that ppl find it offensive cause it reminds them about the south and slavery. Darn, I forgot what I was going to say. UGH!! Blessings

Linda said...

From Liam--Hiya Steve! Can you tell Ms. Sparky Spark, it's ok to change her blog. I have faith in her. I am going to add her to my blog now. Ok. --oh yeah, to bad your not here, I am making cookies. CYA.