Monday, September 5, 2011

Celebrate The Zero Jobs Growth Today

A little history about Labor Day:
Labor Day was celebrated for the first time on September 5, 1882 (and 128 years later, the holiday lands on the 5th of the month again). It's unclear whose idea it was to dedicate a day to America's working class -- some believe it as Peter J. McGuire, secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners and co-founder of the American Federation of Labor [i.e. Thugs R Us], who dropped out of school at age 11 to help earn money for the family. Others believe it was Matthew Maguire of the International Association of Machinists.

What we do know is that the Central Labor Union [centralized thuggery] led the event, and it was declared a national holiday two years later in 1884. It was the height of the Industrial Revolution, and millions of Americans (children included) were forced to work long hours in poor conditions, just to make enough money to get by. Trade unions were formed to help fight for the rights of workers. On that first Labor Day in 1882, a group of 100,000 laborers marched through the streets of New York, demanding better working conditions and fair treatment. The workers were speaking -- and two years later The New York Central Labor Union decided to listen, allowing them a three-day weekend to rest at the end of a long, laborious summer.

Yeah, it's another made up holiday, with it's roots in communism, but what the hey!? Yadda, yadda, yadda. It's a day off, right!? Sad to think that this Labor Day somewhere around 15% (+-) Americans are jobless or underemployed. It's even higher in some areas and some States. I'm told Georgia is hovering right around 17% officially unemployed.


That's darn near Depression era numbers!!

Seems kinda ironic, doesn't it, to be celebrating a holiday about work when it's Comrade Zero Jobs that destroyed so many American jobs.

Time for some REAL HOPE and CHANGE. IMPEACH!!

Now that I could celebrate!


Marydon said...

Exactly! The other day I heard one state was 19% ... so much for 'his' job growth ... let see ... unemployment is up, WIC is growing, welfare is growing ... ummmm!

Have a beautiful holiday ~

Linda said...

Alabama is close to 11%. And yet, the twit can't get it. Oh wait, why we would he..him & his family get whatever they want for dinner on our dime, everynight. They are like 8 million in the hole for the food budget. Oh wait, that's right, this is the same guy who flew Air Force One to NYC to get a pizza for like $20,000. Something is not quite right with that. (catch the sarcasism?) :)