Saturday, January 15, 2011

We're Finally Done!

After much anticipation, we are FINALLY finished with the home office remodeling.

As you can see, Maxie 'helped' lay the flooring.
Riiiight! :)

Once we got away from the walls,
and all it's strange protrusions and angles, the floor went very quickly.

And, here 'tis! In all it's glory.
This is facing east.
How do you like my new Z-Line desk?
Smart looking, huh?!

I decided to put the two cabinets together
for a better effect. Looks like one long one now.

Now I have an excellent view of the
bird feeder & woods just outside these south facing windows.

There was also room for our fold out sofa.
The room can double as a 3rd bedroom when needed.

Well, I hope y'all enjoyed the tour. Even with all the new aches & pains and one trip to my Pain Doctor, it was worth all the effort. Our next project is rip out all the carpeting in the house and replace it with Pergo flooring.

But that's another post. :)

Hope you're staying warm and safe my friends! Thanks for stopping by.


Marydon said...

Sparky, my friend ~ It looks gorgeous! I love your little helper ... too cute! You've done a beautiful job in your decorating ... love the curtains & colors.

Colder than a patooty today again ... my impatiens blossomed in the house, just testing to see if I could weather one over ... oh, the ITCH to garden now.

Have a beautiful PS weekend.
Hugs, Marydon

The Texican said...

I definitely going to come over and help you mess it up some. :) Pappy

Devoted said...

Oh, man! Now I really have to get back upstairs and start working on the rooms up there. Jake will be home from the Army for good soon and I just keep putting off doing his room!


Anonymous said...

Love your new office and desk. That floor is gorgeous! I'm sure you could not have done without the "helper!"
What a great place to look out the windows at God beautiful creation and see the birds this Sping.
Hope you can rest up a little and get to feeling better.
Have a blessed Sunday.

Sparky said...

Thanks Marydon. I need to add "Yes, it's colder than patooty" on our thermometer too. *giggle*

You and Bebe are welcome here anytime Pappy! I know what you want to do ... take a nap on that sofa. :) Y'all come on over and we'll go bird watching & motorbikin' (when it warms up).

I am so excited that Jake will return soon Theresa! I'm sure he'll love his room no matter what condition it's in. :)

I love the view through my windows Mildred. God's creation is better than TV any day.

Thanks heaps y'all. I needed your uplifting comments today. :)))

Always On Watch said...

I've done a bit of remodeling over the past several years. Remodeling isn't instant gratification, but it does lift one's spirit when the job is done. A job well worth the aches and pains, IMO.