Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Shortest Distance Between Two Points Is Under Construction

We started on my home office remodeling project! By my request, Hubby very kindly gave me a new modern desk for Christmas. No, I'm not going to tell you what kind it is. You'll just have to wait for the photos. :) I got to thinking ...the desk will look so nice, why put this on that old ratty carpeting. Why not redo the floor first?

"Hmmmm. Good idea, sounds simple enough" I mumbled as I mulled the possibilities over. The mauve carpeting is outdated and looking every bit of it's age of 18 years. Now with three dogs it has aged even faster.

As most of y'all know, we live way out in the country. Trips into town must be planned or you'll spend all your time on the road and at over $3 a gallon, that's not a happy thought. Well, we made the trip to our local home improvement store and purchased the necessary replacement flooring. By the way, we'll be installing Pergo wood strips in a color that matches the existing wood blinds.

Got home. Since some of what's in my office must go into the attic, got to looking at what's there already.

"Hmmmm," said I, "You know ... this attic needs cleaning and straightening". Hubby agreed. [Whew!] So, first we had to spend two days in the semi-dark, cold Netherlands of our home vacuuming, sneezing, sweeping, sneezing, rearranging, getting rid of old junk, sneezing, throw out more old junk, on and on. By the end of this endeavor, my allergies where in a total uproar but it was looking so good up there, I thought, why not buy large plastic containers and repackage everything?

So, back we go on the 60+ mile round trip to the local home improvement store and bought more than a dozen storage boxes with lids.

Now the attic looks super but the office is still undone.

So, this morning we got down to brass tacks and spent the whole day in the office. First order of business was moving the desktop computer to an out-of-the-way location. It had to be reconnected and running to have Internet service. Of course, the Internet didn't work then, we had to start all over ... SIGH ... and after a phone call for help to the local Idjit Internet Service, we're up and running again. Then hubby broke down my old Island Size L-shaped particle board desk. This had to be one of the 12 Labors of Hercules! Simple!? HUH! Finally, poor guy, that's completed. Out to the trash heap it goes to be burnt.

And this is where we stopped this evening ...

Where the L-shaped desk once resided

This is where my new desk will sit

This wall will pretty much remain the same.

The slide out sofa / bed will sit
where my desk used to be.

Oh, and I just noticed that the baseboards and window sills need repainting before laying the flooring.

This simple project is beginning to snow ball! And now we both ache all over because our aged bodies are no longer accustomed to manual labor.

Well, who knows where this will end up?!! Hopefully, I'll have my "new" office soon. Maybe my next post? :)

If at first you don't succeed, redefine success.

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Anonymous said...

John and I have a saying about home improvement: one thing leads to another! It sure is a good feeling to get everything organized though and I know you will love your new desk and the view out the windows. Can't wait to see it! Be careful and don't overdo.