Tuesday, August 17, 2010

News: Toxic Seafood Warning

Being from coastal Florida, my husband and I tend to eat a lot seafood. After watching the report below, we're gonna quit eating anything we don't know is harvested here in America.

Buying American has a dual purpose anyway:
Protects our economy.
Protects our health.

I hope this report helps others to avoid a very dangerous health risk.

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Fredd said...

On the surface, imported fish looks risky, according to this ABC investigative report.

I would be disinclined to take this report on its word: ABC did it. I would need corroboration from an independent source as well, and maybe more than one. Remember, ABC, CBS and NBC have all been known to fudge the figures, facts and statistics towards promoting a liberal agenda.

At first glance, it looks valid: foreign seafood is risky, or so it appears. But so is listening and watching ABC...