Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sparky And The Horse

I have had a nice break from typing and posting this month. I hope everyone is having an enjoyable July? We haven't done much of anything except survive. It is unbelievably hot (the heat index is 110 as I 'pen' these words) and incredibly humid in southeastern Georgia. We can barely go outside for the gnats, horseflies, deer-flies, yellow-flies! They are atrocious this year!

We decided to go for a ride this morning anyway. We left early, of course, before the air reached the current unbearable temp. I needed a hair cut anyway, so, a nice little jaunt to the barbershop was in order. Apparently, some of our neighbors had the same idea. There were a lot of people out ... for our area anyway.

As I was cycling down our one-lane country dirt road, I spotted the horses approaching us at a gentle pace also. I slowed my speed as a courtesy, not wishing to cause the horses to become alarmed. My husband very wisely came to a full stop but I soldiered on in first gear, being careful not to make any unnecessary moves. I love horses too but know they can get weird on ya in a moments notice.

As I approached one horse, I glanced at him and noticed he was a young stallion. "Uh oh!" I thought. This is not good. He's not calming down. Suddenly, he turned so that his hind legs were INCHES from my bike! "HOLY CRAP!" flashed through my mind in an instant. He was preparing to KICK me and bike! Thank my precious Lord, the rider was able to calm him and prevent a catastrophe. It happens really quickly on the video. It's at about 3:24 on the timetable.

Well, I'll go back to relaxing for awhile. I had to share this little event. That the closest I'd come to having my life flash before my eyes in a long time.

I pray your summer is a lot less dramatic.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! What a day. I am not able to view the video presently but I'll try later. Hope you are taking it easy now! It's nice to get an update from you two.

Sparky said...

We're hunky dorey Mildred! I pray y'all are well too. Isn't this heat something else? Our area is enjoying a nice little thunder bumper right now. LOVE IT when it rains!

God bless to you and hubby. :)

Anonymous said...

I watched the video! That is wild! It's been a long time since I've been down your way. I forget about how flat it is and also how sandy it is! We had rain last night and it was great.

Sue said...

Do you realize how LUCKY you are to be living in the country? I miss it so bad...City (town/burg/ville)living just cannot compare!
So glad you weren't injured by that horse! That could have gone a whole 'nuther way! Thanks for the kind words you left on my blog. (I hadn't blog for months!) I am not really worrying about getting back to work until after Lauren's wedding...which is one month from yesterday. You wouldn't believe how much there is still to do! Watching Glenn Beck right now. Can't believe Obama passed that financial reform bill...drafted by B. Frank and some other goon...and it DID NOT include Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac! Also finding out about how Obama lied about the federal funding of abortion. WOW! Also, a great piece on Van Jones. I just wanna hide my head in the sand sometimes!!! Thank God, this won't be going on forever. I just keep looking up!

Marydon said...

G'morn, my friend ~ Well, that new Republican Mass. Scott Brown helped pass that durn bill, he used to sign his name '41', I guess now he will sign it '60' ... I didn't expect him to turn so quickly!

Horses, holy tamoly, girlie, that was TOO durn close for me. I love those beautiful beasts, but that would have given me thought to my life very quickly. Glad you & the horse are ok.

Hugs, Marydon