Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Little Chickadee

Yesterday was momentous, to say the least, wasn't it folks!? We are elated to say the least. Remember, there's more about that here if you're looking for the politics.

Another happy event is the little birdie's have taken over our yard this year. Our large Southern Cedars produced so many berries that we have more than enough for the migrating Cedar Waxwings and Robins.

The year-round resident Chickadees are having a feast too. They had been sharing the thistle seeds we put out with the Gold Finches but now they are dining on the Sycamore tree seeds. One Chickadee got carried away and flew into our 6' x 6' plane glass windows. Hubby and I rushed outside and began reviving the little guy.

Come on little fellow,
you can make it!

Isn't he pretty?

After a few moments of cradling and gentle caressing (and me whispering a prayer), he flew off into the Confederate Jasmine along the front walk. That made me feel so good to see the little guy make it. I love our big picture windows but they are deadly for the birds.

Cleared For Take Off!

Hummingbird Nest

Oh, and a few days ago, while strolling around the property, I found my first Hummingbird nest! This one is nestled almost at the very top in the other Sycramore down by the gate. I have a habit of looking up into the trees each day to see who's visiting, and lo and behold there was an abandoned nest. I was so thrilled! The hummingbird's we have here every year are Ruby Throated Hummingbirds.

I hope y'all have an exciting and happy day too! Thanks for stopping by.


Tina Leigh said...

I have never seen a hummer's nest! Get the ladder out & climb up & take a picture next to your fingers!!! TOOOOOO COOOOOOOL!!!!
Yep & no doubt last night was a good example of...."We the People have had enough!!!!!!!!"!

Mildred said...

Growing up we had a big picture window and we were always trying to give first aid to the birds that flew into it. Over the years, we found that if we taped or thumb tacked a few pieces of curly ribbon (like you wrap a present in) at the top of the window and let the streamers gently float down in the breeze, it prevents them from running into it and it is not terribly distracting. I have never been fortunate enough to find a hummer's nest in person. They are really precious, aren't they? Thanks for sharing part of God's wonderful creation with us today.

Sue said...

I am so excited to hear that the birds are gearing up for Spring down your way. Lets me know that it won't be long until Spring reaches Indiana! WHOOO HOOO can't wait!

And yes, last night's victory still has me reeling...

Time will tell how Obama and the Dems will retaliate...

Happy One Year Anniversary, Big Guy! How did you like your gift??? LOL

ChaChaneen said...

Oh how fun to get a little visitor, although not exactly the kind of door bell ring you want to hear! THUD! He's so pretty, thanks for sharing the pictures of him!

cindyzlogic said...

Enjoyed your post and photos! We had a Dark-eyed Junco hit our French door window. We held it for a while...then placed it in a shoebox with a towel. He took a couple hrs. to recoup, but eventually jumped out and began eating seed we'd spread on the deck.