Monday, December 21, 2009

The Story of the Christ Child

The Story of the Christ Child and Christmas

When Rome was a great Empire ruled by Caesar Augustus and Israel was governed by King Herod, in the village of Nazareth lived Joseph and Mary. Joseph was a carpenter and Mary was a young virgin who would become his wife. Mary told Joseph of a dream in which she was visited by an angel who told her she had been chosen to bear the Son of God and his name was to be Jesus ... [read more here]


I pray that all within the sound of my blog will decide wholeheartedly to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. It is only through His innocent shed blood that covers our sins and saves us eternally from the wrath to come ... nothing else. Choose salvation before it is too late my friend! The time is now because that all we have is 'now'. This very second, this very breath. The next breath may not come. Yesterday is a memory and Tomorrow doesn't exist yet. For some people Tomorrow may never get here. Death is always stalking our mortal being. Most of us never know when we'll die. To Him, our life and our soul is precious. Please accept Him now and live with us in Heaven, forgiven, forever. Remember, you are loved and wanted. Nobody will be turned away who wants to believe.

To believe in Him, these are the following truths:
* That Jesus Christ was born of a virgin birth. He is Son of God and Son of man (less the sin) ...
* That this same Jesus who is without sin died for OUR sins on the cross and rose again on the 3rd day ...
* That Christ now sits by the right hand of God the Father making intercession for us ...
* That we are "Saved by grace, not by works" ...

All these truths will bring true peace, a contentment and a happiness that nothing worldly could ever give.

A believer can never lose one's salvation. Never. We can not EARN our salvation nor can we LOSE it and no person or organization can take it from us! My experience has been that life is frought with imperfection. In fact, life is down-right messy and many times depressing and scary. He offers salvation to all mankind through the shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. GOD the Father loves us, no matter what has been done in the past. Give your heart to Him and spend eternity with Him in Heaven. All He wants from all of us is Love. That's His promise and God NEVER lies.

So dear reader, trust in Him, the one true right God, Jesus Christ our Saviour. Salvation can be yours today and no one can take it from you. And always remember to do the right thing, because good does prevail. God can fix all manner of problems in our lives if we just give Him a chance. He loves you right now.

Remember, Wise Men still seek Him. :)

Have a blessed and safe holiday season dear ones!


ChaChaneen said...

GREAT post Sparky! Merry Christmas to you and your Man this holiday! You are loved!

Wiregrass Steve said...

Beautifully stated. The birth of Christ Jesus, the most important event in human history.

louiev said...

While I thank you for the source credit/link for the Christmas story - The fact that you copied the whole thing is not cool*. It is my article and I own the copyright. I am not happy with your copying the whole thing and ask you to please remove it.

The correct way to have done this would have been to quote a paragraph or two and then have a link back to the original page.

If you wish to quote a section then that is fine. If not please remove my work.

BTW - I like your website design.

Happy Holidays,
Holidays on the Net

*its actually considered theft!

louiev said...

Oh and I just realized that picture is mine too! Sheesh!

You might want to familiarize yourself with copyright law. Wikipedia would be a good start.

Sparky said...

Louie, I was only trying to glorify Christ. I'm sorry you didn't see it that way. Items have been removed and I will happily avoid your site or any of your sponsors in the future.
Merry Christmas.

Edward G. Roberts said...

Wow. Well... I like your post, too. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Lanny said...

Hey, Merry Christmas!