Monday, December 21, 2009

Better Get Your Ducks In A Row

Sad news. This morning I received a message from "Georgia Conservatives in Action" at FaceBook.
Subject: Health Care Bill Clears Crucial procedural Vote in Senate, 60 to 40

Health-care bill clears crucial procedural vote in Senate, 60 to 40.

The Senate cleared a crucial procedural hurdle to bring its health-care bill to the brink of final passage by Christmas Eve. The partisan vote of 60 to 40 shut down a Republican filibuster of the $871 billion package and followed days of tough negotiations with Democratic holdouts.

The Senate voted to shut down the debate. Next, they vote on the bill itself. We're slowly being sold down the river by the very people who should be representing us. The morally bankrupt are leading the way to more tyranny.

So those of us who believe in freedom and don't wish to live under Communism with the soulless empty suit President Zero, need to get our ducks in a row this Christmas. Visit with loved ones. Stock pile what's needed. Get ready to go to battle. It's getting closer and, like a freight train with no one at the controls, I can't see any way to stop it.

May God have mercy and bless our endeavors to protect our Republic.


Fredd said...

I don't know if the situation is all that dire.

Yes, it's bad. Very bad. But cheer up: 2010 is rolling around, and we still have a united House and Senate minority to throw a few monkey wrenches into the works.

If things get to the point where it appears that capitalism is on its way out, I think Jefferson's remark will reflect the Zeitgeist: 'a little rebellion now and then is a good thing.'

Sparky said...

It's just that, being a historian, I can see what this *could* lead to. Here in Georgia, we're ready for whatever it takes to water the tree of Freedom. Thanks Fredd. You're a voice of reason. :)

Fredd said...

Sparky: me as 'the voice of reason,' I dunno, you might have an issue with the wife on that one. I do know, however, that this is still America. And Americans do not just turn the other cheek. These guys who passed this bill are going to get bounced in 2010 like beligerent drunks at a night club - you wait and see.