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Blackstone Group, SEIU, HERE, And Pedophile Snuff Films

I really hesitated in posting this story because the subject matter is so repugnant to me (and probably to all my readers as well). I apologize for this but the story is so BIG and important that I can't justify not reporting it. I did check this out as much as humanly possible and seems to bear witness to how corrupt the Clinton's are. Yeah, I know they're out of office ... or ... are they?!

So, hold your nose and read on. It's really disgusting but quite enlightening into the depravity that permeates from our White House:



HawksCafe believes that Peter Peterson, Senior Chairman of the Blackstone Group, has built a pedophile snuff-film production network – allegedly operated through the Northwestern University Matrix Red supply chain (see notes) – which allows children to be tracked, abducted, exported, pimped, tortured and murdered by agents of Department Of Justice Pride (DOJ Pride), the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union (HERE).

Our Blabbermouth agents have evidence that SEIU/ HERE agents use room service at large casinos (Harrah's, Caesars Palace, and Wynn Resorts) and hotel chains (Hilton, Hyatt and Starwood) to pimp children to top officials ('TOPOFF') as they travel on government, industry and/or military buisness and who
subsequently become targets for extortion through pedophile snuff films whether the deaths of the children are real or simulated.

Our Blabbermouth agents also have evidence that top officials in the Clinton Justice Department were entrapped and extorted by a Blackstone-SEIU snuff film network and Marxist pedophiles in the Council on Foreign Relations chaired by Peter Peterson.

"Chips noted `tangerine' as Jam egressed down rope ladder and joined him on cropped grass of green space by Dorint Amsterdam International Airport. Blabbermouth I asks Chips to check out records of Chicago trip 1966 with Queen Hornet. Valerie Percy was murdered that year to protect Bell & Howell courier network. Blabbermouth II suggests a Mau Mau hit on Valerie to silence Percy family and Rockefeller in-laws of Sharon, her twin sister. Peterson chaired Bell & Howell 1963 and began extending `60s courier service to `Matrix Red' to move SWAT teams into position for 9/11. Blabbermouth III says Chicago elite supported Ayers and Dohrn's threat to kill rich parents. Percy twins threatened to blow the whistle. Bell and Howell published underground magazines on microfilm during Peterson era 1958-1971. Blabbermouth IV says Peterson couriers moved secret microfilms around world to Japan, France, and Germany as Simba propaganda for POP CULT. JFK was a ritual Mau Mau killing filmed with Model 414 PD Bell & Howell Zoomatic; the really-incriminating part being diverted by Peterson into the DeVry microfilm school. Blabbermouth V says Peterson married Joan Ganz Cooney to switch Sesame Street into Barney/Obama propaganda where characters always surrender. Peterson knew the way around the Percy house. He had known the twins since they were teenagers. He tracked Sharon through Jay Rockefeller and Michelle through Obama. He now controls the women, PBS content and the Mindboxed kids. Blabbermouth VI says Percy was terrified when elected to U.S. Senate in 1966. CBS Psycho airing cancelled on day of funeral of Valerie. Peterson bought DeVry Technical Institute to train students in motion pictures, radio, television, and electronics; he stole products of Bell and Howell's research and development programs dating back to John Ford's work with the OSS during WWII as director of "The Battle of Midway". He supplied Super 8mm movie camera to record Tate murders in 1969, and Valerie's in 1966. Chips diverts with wife Jam to Calgary to get surgery for her lower back and check out DeVry 9/11. News of a quartet of 'troublemakers' loose in Frankfurt terminal. Chips searching for tangerine and sensed a violent collision; darkness of cabin caused him to forget about the PF22 boat ride and he withdrew his miniature flashlight. "

"The proof is widespread. The most flagrant comes from repeated statements by attorney Jack Thompson about Janet Reno's sexual depravity and alcoholism .. He was on the cover of February 1999 Media Bypass magazine and again repeated these statements. Also in that article Miami police chief Ken Harms is quoted as saying; "Janet Reno is not qualified to be even an Assistant State Attorney, let alone the (Chief)State Attorney in Florida, or Attorney General of the United States." Ken Harms was never called to testify." Jack Thompson states in Pat Shannan's February 1999 Media Bypass article; "Jack Thompson goes further and publicly accuses Janet Reno of suppressing at least five DUI arrests of her own in her home county. One female cop stopped Reno's car after it was seen weaving down the road. The officer was shocked to see that the driver was none other than the icon of the court, Janet Reno, with her shoes removed, stockings torn, and vomited food stains covering the front of her dress.." "A Fort Lauderdale police officer found Janet Reno with an underage girl in the back seat of a car at the Galleria Mall. He, also, was never called to testify at the Senate hearings..." As he often says, the Florida bar has never disbarred him (although he sued them for one reason or another and won about $20,000) and Reno remains mute. He publicly accuses her of the most serious charges and she does not sue him for libel and slander? .. Reno was hand picked by Hillary and Bill (Clinton) exactly because of her pedophilia. She obsequiously serves Bill and Hillary and is the linchpin which has kept those two totally corrupted and nihilistic grifters in the Whitehouse for seven years .. Larry Klayman said in a Worldnetdaily article by Stephen Archer; "...I am appalled and sickened by the misconduct of the Justice Department during the Clinton administration." She is responsible for the Waco tragedy and FBI/ATF orchestrated mass murder. She is one of the most repugnant and rapacious human beings I have ever come across. Bill, Hilary and Reno has to be one of the most nefarious alliances in American history. Reno's litany of perfidy and covering Clintons ass whilst Attorney General is well documented and is blatantly obvious to anybody but the incurably ignorant."

"A former Service Employees International Union official and Department of Insurance employee Jaime Enrique Feliciano was sentenced to 25 years in state prison Tuesday after pleading no contest to child molestation, possession of child pornography and manufacturing child pornography. Acting on a crime tip, law enforcement authorities searched Feliciano's Sacramento residence in September 2008.They found thousands of child pornography images on DVDs and Internet downloads he was able to view on his personal computer and DOI laptop .. A search of his computers revealed homemade child pornography with graphic images of Feliciano molesting a young female .. Feliciano was previously convicted in 1993 for child molestation and was a registered sex offender, according to law enforcement officials. He was convicted again in 2006 for failing to register. "Today's sentence puts an end to the double life of a once highly respected union president who, behind closed doors, was a dangerous pedophile," Deputy District Attorney Lani Biafore said in a news release. Department of Insurance officials declined to comment, as did SEIU Local 1000 spokesman Naj Aikhan. Feliciano was the president of one of the 50 district labor councils that comprise SEIU Local 1000."


There's more at the link below. They welcome comments and further research there also.

Gosh, that was disgusting. Now I feel like I need to re-bathe ... ick! I hope they hang the lot of these deviants from the yard arm until they don't move anymore.

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