Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Texas Hill Country Trip

I am fatigued from too much fun this evening. But very briefly, I wanted to share how we are having a wonderful time in the Texas Hill Country. Unfortunately, the Texas Bluebonnets haven't bloomed here yet. Darn, I'm so disappointed. Aw well, that'll just give me another excuse to return next year!

Pappy met us here in Kerrville and very graciously showed us all the sights. He has made our stay here even more enjoyable. His Mother was in surgery today and we all said special prayers for her speedy recovery. (We just heard she came thru fine and is even hungry ... always a good sign!)

First though, I must share how we drove through some of the worst weather we've been in for many years. The storms that plowed through the southern United States Saturday March 28th was as scary as any hurricane. There were tornadoes all around us and flooded ditches everywhere. We rarely travel Interstate, preferring instead backroads. US Highway 84 was closed in Alabama because of the flooding, so, we had to backtrack 100 miles from outside of Dothan back to Bainbridge, Georgia. Then travel south to Quincey, FL and get on the Interstate 10. (Yuck) We stayed in the local DeFuniak Springs fleabag because we where so dead tired and couldn't travel another inch. But the next day we drove a butt crunching 534 miles to the quaint little town of Jasper, Texas.

Lesson Learned: Best Western's are so much better than Travel Lodge [aka Fleabag] and Hampton Inns are even better.

Anyway, here's a few 'teaser' photos of the trip so far. The weather has been nice except for the strong winds. My neck is a bit sore this evening from the 130 mile loop ride but there is a *big smile* on my sunburnt face.


Yeah, ok, some of the smile is from the wine tonight, but most is because of the trip. [grin]

I wish all my bloggy buddies could be here with us. The folks are friendly, the weather pleasant, and the food devine. I'm sure y'all would enjoy it too.

Hope you enjoy the photos. Here's some more if you want to view the trip to date: LINK. The other couple in the photos are long time friends of ours that met us out here too. They are also motorcyclists ... of course!

Our faithful steeds awaiting their masters.

Pappy and Sparky hamming it up!

Then Wiregrass Steve had to get into the act ... big ham. :o)

Sanibal River in Lost Maples State Park (near Vanderpool)

Texas Mountain Laurel is in bloom right now.

Rivers Edge Tuscan Grill Restaurant, Kerrville, TX

And I'm missing the dogs somethin' fierce, especially Maxie. [sigh] I've already called the kennel twice to check on them.

Have a great evening y'all and thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

The photos are great Sparky! So glad you are seeing some pretty sights and enjoying time with friends. I had wondered if the bad weather over last weekend affected your travel. Stay safe and glad you were able to make this trip.

Lanny said...


Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Thanks y'all for stopping by. ((Hugs))

Life With Dogs said...

Consider me jealous - I had no idea it was so beautiful. Hope you have a blast!

The Texican said...

Hey you two, get up, your burning daylight. I'm trying to learn how to blog again. Amazing what four or five days away will do to your skills at my age. Sure had a great time fellowshipping with you two. Hope the remainder of your trip is great. Let's do it again. Pappy

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Life ~ With all the cactus here, it's not a good place for dog feet but y'all outta visit Texas. You'd love it!

Pappy ~ How did you know we slept in ... !?? [lol] We had a GREAT time while you where here! We definately must get together again. I know if I'm away from blogging for 3 days I suffer from brain fade. Can't wait to see what you post next. God bless. :o)

MuseSwings said...

Wonderful pictures! Glad you are having a great time - sorry about those blue bonnets next time call ahead and tell them to get with the program. Hugs!

D.K.Fisher said...

I'm so jealous! I am ready for a vacation. Glad you guys are having a good time. Stay safe.

Janeen said...

Look at those SMILES! Your having a ball aren't you. Love the pics, keep them coming when you can! Travel mercies for ya!