Friday, April 3, 2009

Southeast Georgia Flood Warnings

Here in the Texas Hill Country, it's cool and sunny with heavy winds. Back home it appears our roads are all but washed out!

Gee whiz, we're only gone for 5 days and the 'world' falls apart. [lol]

I hope that the Pierce County Road Department will have our dirt road repaired by the time we have to traverse it with a motorcycle trailer. Our road is one of those on the list of closings.

List of road closures and washouts at The Blackshear Times.


Marie Reed said...

Ohhh no! I guess you'll just have to stay on vacation longer:) There's no sense in coming home to a washed out road!

Lanny said...

Okay this is bizarre, we live in Pierce County, Washington. I hope they have your roads fixed too, but it is more likely that they wil be fixed now that they don't have to come from Washington. You must be having a really good time and I am glad for you.

Janeen said...

I've been on blog hiatus last week and visiting my friends again today! Oh no, what a mess. I hope that it is all resolved and cleaned up when you return. Can't wait to see all your photo's when you can post them! Have a great day!

JBA said...

Yikes! Hope everything is put back together before you go back. I'm guessing that motorcycles don't float... ;)

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Marie ~ I like the way you think girlfriend! [lol]

Lanny ~ I knew there was a Pierce Co in Washington but didn't know y'all lived in it. That's too funny. Yeah, we be havin' fun ... but now I'm getting homesick and ready to head east.

Janeen ~ I thought maybe you where on hiatus too. Hope you've enjoyed the rest. Glad you're back! :o) I'm uploading photos almost daily. (whew)

Jennifer ~ Motorcycle + Water = DISASTER!! [screaming] ha ha

Iva said...

[waving frantically with water wings on] Hey, Sparky! You leave us and we flood ourselves! I think someone left the bathtub water running...

We got a lot of rain yesterday - after getting so much rain for the whole week! We needed it like a hole in the head!

It rained a bit today, too. Luckily, it cleared up and we've had sun and [lots] of wind.