Friday, February 20, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday (02/20)

Ok, raise your hand if you scribble notations and do math on the backs of old scrap papers? I knew it! Ah, we're all guilty. Writing on something that may be worth lots of money one day.

Well, my contribution this week is another historical piece.

Interestingly, I am related to some of the Moore and Bird / Byrd family in Georgia. I don't know if these are any of my kin, but I'd be willing to bet even money that we're related somehow. It's such a small world here.

"The front of the postcard shows a 1916 postal mark and the back elaborates on the qualities of the “Boss” cane stripper. Note that this design differs from those made by the Brinley-Hardy Company."

Source: Southern Matters Sugar Cane Operations

Hosted by my friend Marie at Voila! Vintage Postcards.

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Anonymous said...

I love old things like this. Can you imagine being able to mail something for .01 today?

Sheila said...

I'm always writing notes on envelopes and things like that. Somehow I don't think mine are going to be of any historic interest!

MuseSwings said...

Isn't that exactly what the backs of envelopes are for? I can "one up" that by having used up an entire envelope for notes while on a phone call. I had to attach a sticky note with the rest of the notations and the call back number.
Nothing strikes fear in my heart like the question "what happened to the envelope that was on the table last night"
Great post card! I gotta get me one of them cane strippers!

Linda said...

Thanks Sparky!! I love PFF days. smiles

Marie Reed said...

I totally didn't see this amazing post girl! My eyes were so glued to the above motocycles!

I bet that you are related too! That is such a treasure! This post has made my day:)

Janeen said...

That is soooooo unique! I love it! And look at the price, $6.00 a dozen! I can't even imagine... very cool PFF post!! But then again, YOU are so cool. You exuuuude coooool. ha ha Have a blessed weekend!