Friday, February 20, 2009

2007 International Motorcycle Show

We are at the current International Motorcycle Show with friends in Greenville, South Carolina this weekend.

Below are photos of our 2007 trip (click for larger photo in new window). New ones from this years event will be posted as time permits:

Inside the room - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum
Steve in our hotel room

Kawasaki Versas ready to be ridden - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum
Demo rides from various manufacturers are usually offered at these events

Waiting in line to purchase tickets. - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum
Buying our tickets to enter

Huh??? - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum
HUH??!! What is it?

 - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum
Steve LOVES Ducati's!
"Put the checkbook DOWN honey!!"

Engine cutaway - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum
Engine Cutaway Diagram
There are interesting displays.

Show room floor - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum
Show Room Floor

Chopper - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum
Some bikes are impractical but certainly creative!

Bear, a cute little dog owned by one of the vendors. - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum
One vender brought his cute little dog "Bear". He was a big hit!

 - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum
Hey, guys, this is NOT a motorcycle ... !!

 - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum
I like the vintage bikes personally.

Lunch at the show - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum
There's always time for lunch ...

Well, that's it for that Motorcycle Show part of the vacation. On the way home we toured the Natchez Trace in Mississippi. Very pretty parkway but not as pretty as the Blue Ridge in North Carolina / Virginia. The speed limits are not being enforced on the Natchez Trace and there were too many speeders. My opinion is that distracted from the beauty of the area.

The very beginning of the Natchez Trace Parkway. - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum
Start Of Natchez Trace

More of the actual Natchez Trace. - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum
The actual trail still exists in many areas.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed the tour.

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Anonymous said...

Love the tour and look forward to seeing pics from this year's visit. Enjoy yourself.

Devoted said...

It's like being a kid in a candy store! Have a great time! :-D

steviewren said...

Looks like you're both having a great time. Enjoy the Trace.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time - I bet SC is beautiful this time of year! Thanks for the photos too. I feel like I was there!

Linda said...

{pouting} I want to come, I want to come with, I want to come with!☺-- We went a few years ago to the Auto, I loved it. Your motorcycle show looks great too!! My son would be in "hog" heaven, LOLOL.

Can't wait to see new photos. You take care and remember to rest.

The Texican said...

Looks like fun. Have a safe trip. I hope you get your dream bike. Ride safe when you get healed sufficiently. Pappy

Lanny said...

Nice get away! Don't sprain your dream muscles