Thursday, January 29, 2009

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

We went migratory bird watching in the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge yesterday. I had to punch out early but I'm glad I made the effort to go. It was overcast and rainy most of the day but we still had fun.

The whole album is on-line at this link, for anyone interested. :o)

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge
It's actually located in South Carolina
just to the northeast of Savannah, Georgia.

Common Shovelers (Duck)

Common Shoveler (Duck)

Coots crossing the road

Alligators on the banks

Just a pretty, tranquil scene.

Cormorants and one Anhinga on the bottom limb

Bald Eagle

China Berry Tree

Great Blue Heron

Shhhh, look, a Wild Sparky!
(This is what I enjoy when I'm not
searching for missing Sapphires
and saving blog buddies from shark infested pools.)

The country sure has cute guys. [Hi Sweetie!]

The Weyenhauser Pulp Plant is a bit of a smelly blight,
but it's jobs for many.

♥ ∞


Carey's Corner said...

Nice pictures. Must have been taken by a professional. BTW, were those young coots or old coots? I meant the birds of course.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

We did hear them grumbling about things not being "like they used to be" so they must be Old Coots. HA HA ♥ ∞

nanatrish said...

This looks so pretty. It must only be a couple of hours from us when I'm home. I'll bet Avery would love it. I must check into going there. I wrote about smells over at my post also.

Sometimes some stinky things are attached to the sweetest things. Little babies with poopy diapers come to mind.

Sparky, I think you have lots of fun.

steviewren said...

Wooo, paper mills are the stinkiest! But the bird watching looks fun. Glad you had a good time. You got some nice shots.

Linda said...

COOL! Very beautiful! Hiya Mr. Sparky! (wink and a wave)

PS. Thank you for "saving" me in Gator self infested wasteland. You def. a gem who can make laugh and smile even on a bad day.


Budd said...

Very nice! Good to see the weather was better to you than it has been to me my last few outings!

Lanny said...

Marginal weather is the best for birding and wildlife spying up here, is it the same for you down there? Too bad the best weather for the twolegged nonfeathered wildlife is a bright sunny (but not too hot) day!