Monday, January 12, 2009

On The Lighter Side

On the lighter side, my husband finished remodeling our dog washing area! YAY!

For those of you new to my blog, we have three dogs: two miniature schnauzers (Maxie & Sam Jr.) and one boxer (Lucy). The two schnauzers are small enough to pick up and bathe. Unfortunately due to a persistent neck pain from a ruptured disk, it's become impossible for me to stoop over long enough to care for them and they must be groomed sometimes twice a week (there's nothing worse than schnauzer smell!). The boxer still can be bathed comfortably on the ground but she only needs bathing once a month or so. I know I've said this before but Boxers are super! Not only do they have angelic personalities, they're low maintenance.

Anyway, below is a pic of what my Sweetie and his injured shoulders has done for lil 'ol me:

Our new dog washing area

This spot in our home used to be the laundry area and it's also the entrance from the carport. I grew so weary of having guests walk into our home through the laundry room! So, when Sweetie tired of hand loading, he sold said equipment and it freed up an entire room which is secluded away and to the end of our home. I repainted said room. Then a dear friend moved the washer and dryer there and re-plumbed. It looks really professional now. And my laundry days are nice and quiet too having them out away from the living room. No more weaving guests past our dirty laundry into the living room. Sweeeet.

Next project: the gate electric fence opener and field fence are going to be redone down by the front entrance. This is a dream I've had for quite some time now to have our entrance look friendly and clean. I'm having black 4 rail wood fencing (like the ones on horse farms) and a walk-thru gate down by the road installed. The existing electric gate will be redone also to match. It will be painted black to match the 4 rail, the lighting rewired for the lights on the posts, etc. I'm hiring a local well known fencing company for most of this project. Even though it costs a little more, sometimes it pays to hire a professional.

Our old existing mailbox has become rotten, so, it will be dismantled and Sweetie will build a new one with flower planters on each side. It's quite involved.

Part of what the area looks like now

So stay tuned Sports Fans.
I think all the 'fun' starts next week ...

I think the 'lighter side' of this is our wallets are lighter. :o)
Just doing our part to keep the economy going!

♥ ∞


Janeen said...

Oooooh you are soooooo lucky! That really looks NICE! Very clean, sharp!

Question for ya, why do ya all need electric fencing? Keep the animals in/out?

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Hi Janeen! Thought you where on vacation or something. Glad you're back!
We wanted to keep doggies out of the road and on the property. Our gate has an electric opener (Mighty Mule). I should have been more Pacific and less Atlantic. HA HA Deepest apologizes for not being specific. We have the electric opener 'cause we got tired of getting out of the truck in the rain to open / close the gate. :o) ♥ ∞

Devoted said...

Oh, I would do love a dog washing area! It is beautiful and it sounds like the fencing project is going to be pretty spiffy as well. Can't wait to see the results!

steviewren said...

I know you will really enjoy your improvements. Men are so handy to have around the house. Good job Sweetie! I'm looking forward to seeing the outside improvements also.

The Texican said...

You actually wash your dogs? Do they come into your house? Just kidding. Nice doggie tub. Our mailmen are to lazy to deliver to our houses anymore. We have a community box with a bunch of little locked doors. Works fine when they get the mail in the correct box. Pappy

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I'll be sure to take "Before" and "After" photos of the fencing / gate project. January is so boring (can't garden, can't ride, hunting season is over) one must have something to do.

I keep expecting our individual postal delivery to cease too Pappy. We live waaaay out in the country and I just know the PO weekly fuel bill must be enormous! ♥ ∞

Linda said...

COOL BEANS! Spots gets bathed the winter time, like now, we buy those cloths that have the 'wash' already in them. She is so big, we can't have one of those bathing areas, lol.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

"Spot"?! That is so cute! I once thought about naming one of our dogs "Rover" just to see people's faces. [giggle] :o) ♥ ∞