Monday, January 12, 2009

And Now You Know

As the 13th generation since the pilgrims takes control of the mightiest country alive today, America the Super Power is quietly fading away. Japan has also quietly been making itself a financial lean, mean, fighting machine. They have not experienced any of the serious Wall Street shakeups that American companies have. While our nation woos and courts the known failure of communism and the upcoming administration of unproven leadership, Japan is traveling in another direction and is experiencing strong economic turnarounds. They do not have the personal freedoms that we have in most of our States but apparently they are financially very stable.

Kenichi Watanabe

One case of their financial stability is that of Chief Executive Kenichi Watanabe, head of Japan’s biggest brokerage Nomura Holdings. He has bought the ailing Lehman Brothers for a reported $200 million. Also, happily, 8,000 of the former Lehman workers are being integrated into the Nomura workforce. An article I read in my last issue of Forbes magazine (January 12th, pages 94 & 96, “Is Wall Street Going To Teach Nomura A Lesson?”) said Mr. Watanabe is giving himself three years to stabilize things.

Stockholders, of course, want a quicker return. My fingers are crossed that it can happen at a much faster pace.

There’s also the case of Eizo Kobayashi, President and CEO of ITOCHU Corporation (page S-16 “On The Record“). ITOCHU Corporation is celebrating its 150th anniversary. They are Japan’s sogo shosha (general trading company), diverse conglomerates of business around the globe. I agree with what Mr. Kobayashi is quoted as saying in the article, “[Our] job is to develop the very best people - regardless of age, gender, race or nationality.” American companies could learn a lot from this gentleman. It’s the work that needs to be done and your work ethic that matters, not anything else. That’s the way it should be.

Part of the problem with trying to run a successful business in modern America is there is way too much government interference. If the government would just get out of the way, our economy would be more stable. The US government (both parties) by definition is anti-business, especially concerning small business. But that's another post.

And there are other financially healthy Japanese corporations profiled in this weeks magazine.

Well, if anyone can survive the next economically volatile years, it will be the Japanese. As one who watches the Stock Market daily, I find this as very encouraging news.

Maybe we should all be learning to speak Japanese?

Knowledge is power and now you know.

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The Texican said...

We need to find a way to reverse the growth of big government. I'm afraid very few are listening and reading. Most depend on Oprah or some dope sotted moveie star for their information. The Gray Panthers need to mobilize and start the revolution. Pappy

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

AMEN! Where do I sign up?!? ♥ ∞

MuseSwings said...

As American Companies belly up - mainly due to greed and corruption within they are being bought out by foreign countries - they may become strong companies again, and that is a good thing, but in the meantime, China and Japan are succeeding in what they wanted to do back in the 40's - but without war.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

It is a quiet revolution, isn't it. I do hope and pray our companies can become strong again. It's going to take a get back to basics approach of having a good work ethic no matter who's in Congress or President. The good work ethic is something we inherited from our collective European ancestry. ;o) ♥ ∞

Anonymous said...

Well said, After WWII we helped Japan and Germany down the road to industrial power and success. Now in just a few decades we decline and wallow in mediocrity. We are a ship without a rudder and the entitlement policies and bailouts are drowning us.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I agree Carey! And who is going to help US when we need it most and are floundering in the Sea of Iniquity transported there by the fleshpots of communisim/socialism? Probably nobody. ♥ ∞

Linda said...

SIGN ME UP. (reading your first comment.) Were all in a for a rude awakening..hey, Sparky, been missing you. smiles

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Thanks Linda. You're so sweet. I've been missing me too. [lol] :o) ♥ ∞

Devoted said...

I am in total agreement with the Texican... we need to look farther than DC or across the seas for our help and our answers.