Thursday, December 11, 2008

On-Line Typing Test

I've slowed down a bit due to arthritis, but, I've still got it!

67 words

Speed test

Years ago, in the early 1980's, when taking the test to work for a job with the State of Florida Vital Statistics, I was clocked at over 75 wpm. That was with youthful fingers and long polished finger nails. I guess, the 'ol girl has still got it. :o)

Hey, how do you like the new background? It was time for a change.

It has rained cats and dawgs all day. It rained so hard earlier that it was actually raining sideways! Southeast Georgia was under a tornado watch but thankfully that has passed uneventfully. Well, can't go outside. Decorations are up. Everything is done. Sweetie is on a western Georgia hunting trip.

Not much going on today. [sigh]

Maybe tomorrow will be more fun.

God bless y'all!

♥ ∞


nanatrish said...

You go girl. Congrats on the typing test. I love your new background. If I could figure out how to change mine, I would. Weather has been crazy. Take care.

Anonymous said...

My typing can be timed with a sundial. I received good reports from the doctor. Thanks again for your prayers and words of support. I'm glad you survived the storm and I know you need the rain in your state. I also hope that Wiregrass Musings had a good hunt.

The Texican said...

I like the new background. I haven't taken a typing test since high school and I don't intend to break that record. When I went to work for the Gov. back during the dark ages we had old black manual typewriters and we had to type all our reports with nine manifold carbons. I learned to type fast and with few mistakes back then. I have lost it in the era of word processors. Have a great weekend. Pappy

Devoted said...

As for the High School I transfered out of typing class to take shop. I couldn't help it...all the football players were in my typing class and all I did was talk. My first job at the Bureau was as a secretary and I used a dictaphone...I got to where I could type pretty fast...then I stayed home and kind of lost the touch. When I went back to work there after Jake started school...I had someone else do my typing for me. I still use both hands and most of my fingers...but I am too chicken to take that test! LOL

Diggin' the new layout and praising the Lord you are safe from the bad weather.

Take care and have a great weekend!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Changing background is sooooo easy, Nanatrish. If interested I'll post a How To here. :o)

Hurray Carey!! You're free and clear! Right?! Praise Jesus for His tender mercies. We are ALL very happy you have a good report.

I larnt how to type on a black manual typewrtier also. Even then I typed 35 wpm. Sweetie is also timed with a sundial and uses only two fingers to type. I have to leave the room when he's typing 'cause I start laughing. :o)

I remember dictaphones! And other antique office machines. May they Rest In Peace! ha ha

Thanks y'all for stopping by, for the kind words about the background and that we are safe from foul weather! It's lovely today and I'm going outside to play for awhile. If the dirt road wasn't sloppy clay this AM I'd take 2 wheels. ♥ ∞

Linda said...

I LOVE THE NEW BACKGROUND!!! Cool on the tying test. I type with one hand. smiles and blessings.

Rosezilla said...

I couldn't resist this, I love to type and used to type 90 words a minute. But that was then. I took the test, tho, and got 76 words a minute with no mistakes, so I was pretty happy! Thanks for the fun.

Valerie said...

I use to type fast. The last time I tested was about 8 years ago and it was 87. Right after school I was doing like 102. That was fast! I love your new backgroud! I am so sick of the rain I am glad that it isn't raining today! Have a great weekend!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

102 wpm!! Dang! I had a friend who could type that fast too and she had finger nails the length of dagers. Makes me sick ... (JK .. ha ha)

Rain is gone and it was purdy here today, just really breezy. The wind took it's liberty's with our place last night. There are branches and debris everywhere. Glad that's over. ♥ ∞

Anonymous said...

That was fun! I got 71!