Friday, December 12, 2008

A Christmas In Bloggyland Tour

Our dear bloggy friend in the strange far off land of Florida is hosting a Christmas in Bloggyland Tour on Monday, December 15! Everyone - and that means you - is invited to participate and share your holiday spirit with your bloggyfriends - however you wish - on the 15th.

Show your decorations, your memories, stories, pictures, recipes, music, art, poetry, nature - anything - whatever you like on your Christmas in Bloggyland post for the 15th.

1. Leave a comment on the MuseSwings post saying you'll be there!
2. Make a copy of the invitation and post it on your blog!
3. Add the HTML back to this post or to MuseSwings.
4. Tell your bloggiebuddies and bring more friends! Party! Party! Party!

MuseSwings will post the names of all of the participants on the 15th so everyone can take the Bloggyland Tour and visit all of the wonderful Christmas in Bloggyland posts.

Travel from blog to blog to see what wonderful things our bloggyfriends have done to celebrate the holidays. Leave comments! Have a wonderful adventure.

As always, the tour lasts all day and evening and covers every time zone and country.

I personally will only be able to participate half a day as I have Jury Duty in the afternoon. I love having Jury Duty here, it's actually fun! I get to see who's doing what to whom and why. I enjoy that but I'm nosey. [tee hee]

So jump in! The water's fine (or snow, if the case may be). See ya there my friends! Hope you can make it.

♥ ∞


MuseSwings said...

Sparky! Thank you for posting the Bloggyland Tour! I'm so glad you will be around to do your cool commentary for at least part of the day! Just leave a large bowl of mulled wine and maybe snack for us - we promise to behave and break anything.

Janeen said...

Yahoo - I'm glad you'll be there too! BTW, I saw your comment on my sisters blog - Tea Time with Melody and so I just haaaaaaaaaad to follow it up with a comment of the security kind. tee hee

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I don't know Cynthia, you don't think I should cover everything in plastic and bubble wrap, you know, "just in case" of any wine spilling or 'whatever'?? [ha ha]

Oh, I know Janeen. She's you're sister, you know you have to watch her .... [tee hee]

ChaCha Security Operative 8976 signing off ♥ ∞