Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The North Pole Visit

Welcome To The North Pole!

I thought I’d make us all reservations for some First Class Hotel accommodations in case Santa‘s castle is full (he‘s so busy this time of year, you know?).

Well, at least the prices aren’t steep! [lol]
It’s a little hard to get to, so, I’ve provided a transportation.

It's the latest model. Me first! Me first! :o)

Or … there's the option of a ride with Santa’s reindeer.
Santa said they are equipped with their own personal GPS.
One person at a time please …

Well, here we are at the hotel.

There’s a place for your computer.

And a really cool place to lay one’s head.

Now let's drop over to visit with Santa.
[shhh] There he is now talking to the troops.

Looks like I'm employing a few of these little guys in my garden and didn't even know it!

In honor of the fact that I'm still a big kid at heart, I've posted a few links to help all of you track Santa and his reindeer after we leave here this Christmas Eve.

(requires Google Earth download)

Well, guess we’d better skeedadle home and hop in bed so we won’t miss Santa’s visit.
Um, watch out for the Polar Bear on your way out though.

Sometimes penguin are just a snack before the main course.

From the humble Bloggy home of My Thoughts Exactly and Wiregrass Musings
to all our wonderful friends out there in Bloggyland,
have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous Happy New Year!
God bless!

♥ ∞


Tea Time With Melody said...

Ha, I love the roasting penguin! I have seen those "ice" hotels and they do not interest me at all. Who the heck wants to sleep on a bed of ice????? I want warmth for me. lol

Devoted said...

O, Sparky, my grandsons are gonna love the santa tracker! Thanks! It is cold and drizzlie here...sometimes rain, sometimes sleet, sometimes freezing rain. Jake was supposed to work today with a local recruiter but now he works Monday and Tuesday. I'm glad! Goffy Army...what were they thinking messing up a mom's holiday with stuff like work?

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Linda said...

AWESOME!!!! We love it! Liam said,"HOW IMAGINATIVE! AND NICE MOTORCYCLE!" (he loves the "crotch rockets", lolol.)


MuseSwings said...

Thank you for taking care of the reservations! I have the Snow Princess Suite and loving it except for the shower is shooting out ice cubes!.

Sparky ♥ ∞ and Wiregrass Steve said...

Merry Christmas everyone!
Sparky aka the motorcycle nut ♥ ∞

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

This is adorable. I love the ice room. Have a great Christmas. We are sweating bullets up here. So cold up north and we have to have the fans on. Have a great day tomorrow.