Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sparky's In The Louvre Too!?

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"Well, they'll just let anybody in here, won't they??!"
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Looky! Sparky is famous!
And it's not drawn on the bathroom walls this time!
That's me ... December 23, 1958 in Titusville, Florida.
I was about 2 1/2 years old trying to walk in my father's work boots.
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The nifty free feature above is found at Museumr.
Muse-Swings started this at her blog with her cute childhood photo.
Thought I'd be a Monkey See Monkey Do tonight. [tee hee]
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Also, my wonderful husband now has his own blog so he can quit kibitzing on mine!
He calls it Wiregrass Musings.
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MuseSwings said...

Love the boots! Looks like you have that big girl panties thing going on. Cute!

Amy Ellen said...

What a darling picture!! How cute.

Janeen said...

Oooooh how adorable is that! I bet your Momma was laughing up a storm when she took that! Soooo cute! I like how your body is all crouped and bent up like your John Wayne or in this case... Daisy Duke! Adorable! What a fun website, I'm going to have to check that out!

Valerie said...

Hey Sparky - love the museum picture! I had to take a second look because I thought it was a little girl using the potty. lol It is time for my eye exam though. Hopping over to check out your husbands blog. Have a great weekend.

Linda said...

AWW!!!!!! TY for sharing. Blessings