Saturday, May 21, 2016

Birthday Loot

One of the main reasons we still celebrate birthdays after the age of 39, is all the loot, am I right folks? Or as Brother Bill (our pastor) would say, "Can I hear an Amen?" This birthday was no exception.

First gift was from a fellow genealogist and good friend, Jerry. He gifted me an entire set of "Pioneers Of Wiregrass Georgia"!!
I have been pining for this collection since I first learned about it, oh, like, a million years ago! *lol* Nah, just feels like that long. Contrary to popular belief, I was not present during the time of the dinosaurs. What a sweet guy, huh? Volume 4 is on my desk and being carefully studied. I grew up in Central Florida in an adopted family with sparse familial connections. I married, moved to Jacksonville, Florida. Then we moved one last time to this area. Shortly after moving here to Southeast Georgia in 1993, I started researching my known birth-family names. That's when I learned that I'm related to at least half of the folks that call themselves residents. "Pioneers Of Wiregrass Georgia" profiles most of my birth-family. It's such a thrill to learn about all my "new" cousins, to meet many of them and share these findings on-line.

Next gift was from my nearest, dearest friend, Vicki, who also blessed me with a now much treasured book by Max Lucado, "He Chose The Nails".
I dare any Bible believing Christian to read his writings without crying through the entire book. It's wonderfully edifying and I am praying it will help me in witnessing to others to also bring them to Christ so they may be saved. It's His love that brings us to salvation, you know. Oh, sure, God is wrath but Jesus is much, much more than that and we need to mirror His love so that others will want to know Him more. May it be so LORD.

Of course, my dear loving Hubby fed me three spectacular meals yesterday. Breakfast was fried eggs on English muffins with a side of thick sliced bacon. Lunch was his mouthwatering homemade cornbread topped with melted butter and fresh decaf coffee. Supper was grilled Rib Eye steaks, baked potatoes lathered in butter and sour cream, and grilled fresh squash and zucchini from the garden, topped off with homemade apple pie. Then we and the dogs piled into the pickup and went to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard. (Our local DQ gives tiny vanilla low sugar treats in cups for pets with every Blizzard purchase. Jack especially l-o-v-e-s these things!) Oh my word! What a feast it all was. I can hardly move today from all the treats. But, you know, just being with Hubby made it a special day. I'm so blessed to be married to a man that puts God first and is also kindhearted, resourceful, and loving.

Ok, mushy time over.

And as an extra little treat, even Google got into the act for my birthday. I clicked on the Google search screen this morning to search for something, and this little number appeared.
When I put the cursor over the birthday cake images, it says "Happy Birthday Sparky". Clicking on the link took me to my Google+ profile. Cute ... cute ... but now I'm a little creeped out ... and I thought the black helicopters where something to worry about .... *grin*

Thank you for visiting and for the birthday wishes. Hope your day is also blessed my friends. Go with God.


Mildred said...

Sounds like a terrific birthday! You will enjoy the books so very much. The Birthday meals prepared by Steve make me hungry! Can't believe you are eating fresh veggies already! Glad "the boys" got in on the celebration at DQ, too! You guys enjoy the weekend, also. xo

Jason and Michelle said...

I love books. That's great you got the set. I'm glad you had a terrific day

Ed Bonderenka said...

Great report. Now I'm hungry.

Simply Linda said...

{{{yeah, big brother is indeed watching, giggling}}

What a great birthday, Sparky...I bet the boys sure enjoyed the ice cream, smiles. Have a beautiful Saturday, friend.

Patsy said...

I will say you made out like a bandit,sure
makes one feel all warm and loved.

Z said...

WoW! that book collection is amazing! ENJOY! And I will look into the book Vicki gave you, too!
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday....may God continue to bless you and your hubby for years of happy health to come! That food sounds GREAT!
You're a treasure! XXX Z
(and yes, that Google thing IS creepy!!! HA!)

Carol B. said...

What a special day you had. Sorry I'm a little late, but I had to come visit and say I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Sparky.
God bless.

PS. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth yet, so keep your eyes pointed my way. I may be writing up some news real soon.
I've missed my friends on here.

Sparky said...

Thank you everyone for your always lovely comments. Have a blessed evening. ~:)