Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thankful Thursday: The Adventure Begins

The garden area is gradually being transformed into an area of plenty and beauty. Hubby planted Tomatoes, Red Potatoes, and Bell Peppers. Next will be the Straight-necked Yellow Squash, Zucchini, and Green Bush Beans. Around one end of the humble 20 x 20 plot is also planted Giant Sunflower seeds.

In the bare spot next to my office, that I've dubbed Butterfly Haven, there will be Giant Sunflowers, California Poppy, and Cosmos. Already in residence is the Shrimp plant and Butterfly Bush. Oh, yeah, and lots of wind chimes. I take great delight in hearing them tinkle in the breeze. *giggle*

I ran out of steam about 10 am but hope tomorrow to plant the remainder of the seeds: Shasta Daisy, English Daisy, Johnny Jump-up, and Bachelor Button.

There should also a "mystery plant" in Butterfly Haven that Hubby and I found growing along Wall's Siding Road here in our county. Last year we collected seeds from it. These seeds have joined in with the domestic's above. At maturity the mystery plant is taller than me with long white flowers. I've tried and tried to identify it to no avail. Anyway, in about 8 weeks, if all goes well, there should be a profusion of color. All these flowers are dandy attractants for the Butterflies, Hummingbirds and other of God's creatures that I so enjoy.

There's a lot to be thankful for today and every day, one of which is it seems I can garden almost as well as I could before the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome symptoms and surgery. There's no pain, lightheartedness, vision loss or nausea. Thank you LORD Jesus for your mercy. Being out of pain is like being released from years of imprisonment. I don't know why but it reminds me of how all of us who trust and believe in salvation by the innocent shed blood of our LORD are being transformed inside into a thing of beauty for Him. These small reminders of His majesty are all around us if we'll only look.

There is 'joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart' today! I pray your day is joyful too. Share what you're thankful for.


Lulu James said...

What an uplifting post, Sparky! Be sure and post pictures when the flowers bloom---I am a frustrated gardener on a slip of land in the city!

Simply Linda said...

Thanks for the smiles...many things to be thankful for here...have a beautiful day, Sparky. {waving to Steve and hugging the boys, wink}

DaBlade said...

"These small reminders of His majesty are all around us if we'll only look."

Yes they are! And I am so happy to read that you are feeling fantastic. I love what you're doing with your "office"!!

Z said...

SO glad to hear you're feeling so much better! And I loved this post and also hope that you post pictures as everything starts to grow and bloom! My mother had a large vegetable garden in our backyard when we were growing up...she used to just wander through it after strength from it.
Thanks for the reminder. xx

Jackie said...

Your harvest should be incredible!
What a bounty you have planted.
I look forward to photos of the mystery flower/ plant. I think there's a bit of Nancy Drew in me. Perhaps together, we (your blogging friends) can solve this.
I hope you have a blessed Easter.
He Lives!

Mildred said...

You have a beautiful yard. Like you, I love to attract butterflies/hummers and I adore wind chimes.