Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Skinny

Some things that happened during my convalescence:

It's been profitable to rest the arthritic wrists, as they seem to be improving a bit, but I've been giving the body a good workout every morning. The "new" NordicTrack was a real bargain. It was a purchase from a local auction for a fraction of it's original cost. Hubby and I have been using it diligently. Already I've dropped an inch, increased my stamina, my legs have quit aching and my sleeping has improved. This may prove to be my best purchase to-date.

For ill or nill I voted early last week. The pundits say that my candidate won't win, but at least I got to voice my opinion.

An Aunt of a dear friend passed into glory last week. She was elderly and her medication, that was suppose to improve her life, actually took it. I missed the funeral due to a minor illness, but the wake was enjoyable. Yeah, enjoyable. People where laughing, respectfully, of course, sharing happy memories and photos. You know dear reader, when a believer passes it's a time to be joyful. They are with the LORD, we are the sad ones because we're left behind. I don't know how unbelievers get through a day. I would live in constant fear of dying if it wasn't for the promise of life ever lasting with my blessed LORD Jesus Christ.

Hubby and I are enjoying attending the First Baptist Church. These Baptists sure like to eat. (Not complaining) *grin* The motorcycle group that's part of the church, F.A.I.T.H. Riders, seems to feature an event of some sort just about every weekend. It's been wonderful to hang out with other like minded Christians and not feel like a freak because I ride. They are always eager to share the message of Jesus Christ, which is what we're suppose to do. I've learned to love and trust these dear saints very much. I am so very blessed. They have really made both of us feel at home.

The weather has been perfectly lovely. I think our Spring garden is going to be fruitful this year. We're trying a new technique which I will try to share later.

And with that ...

I will go rest my wrists again. I hope your days have been blessed. I know I am because God loves us so very much and you are my friends. Thank you for popping by.

Ride Safe,


Linda Eller said...

First of all, so glad you got and are enjoying the NordicTrack and getting it for a bargain is super. I am truly happy you have found a church that you can be comfortable in, and make new friends that also ride. I agree 100%, I dont know how people live day to day without the Lord on their side. I know I couldnt. We had a lovely day today, but hear rain moving back in. I am ready for spring and more sunshine. Hope the new week is good to you.

Simply Linda said...

You look great, Sparky. And yes, us Baptists sure like to eat and welcome newcomers...I agree, I don't know how ppl can live day to day without the Lord...and funerals and wakes ought to be happy and not sad. Just saying...

{{waving the Steve the boys}}

Lulu James said...

Delighted to catch up with you, My Friend! I once was a Methodist--they like to eat also! Keep up the hard work---it's paying off!
Monday Blessings!

Ed Bonderenka said...

That's great news all around.
Except about your candidate.

Tina Leigh said...

Wow! You saved up all the good stuff. I have a Nordictrack elliptical I bought new a few years ago. I can't use it b/c it hurts my knees EVERY TIME. I thought it was suppose to be good on the joints. Danny says I'm just allergic to it (b/c it has so much dust on it). Lol.
I so agree with you on Heaven bound deaths. There is comfort & peace in them. And I just said yesterday, if it wasn't for my Lord, there would be no point for me to live. I would not survive otherwise. That's the peace & comfort that comes from Him.

And yes us Baptists love to eat!! But God has always liked good food, orderly & pretty things. It's in the Bible over & over.

From obama's last election, I've developed a personal policy of voting out any incumbent which means I will also NOT vote for a professional politician to take ANOTHER office of any kind. Local to national. I pay too much tax for comfortable yackers to continue to draw a check.

I can't wait to hear about your garden plan. I'm taking a break from it this year. We had a good garden last year & still have plenty put up. I'm going to do a few tomato plants for fresh eating and I'm trying my hand at a new variety of pumpkins developed by UGA for this area. That little boy keeps me going so I'm going to try & keep things a little slower this year.
Glad to hear from you!

DaBlade said...

What Ed said. (I say that a lot). One question. Can the Suzuki fit ON TO the Nordictrack? *sigh* Keep on truckin'!!!

Patsy said...

Glad you are better and enjoying your fellowship at the church.It sure means a lot to have church people you can see eye to eye with. I am so
happy to live here now so many great Christians that are retired from missionary work and others that stay here on leave.

Alec said...

Great news all around, Sparky!


White Lace and Promises said...

Wow! Looking good! So proud of you and wish I could get the guts to do it. I did take a walk around the block today with the baby and dog in the stroller:) Actually the dog was pulling me and the baby in the stroller. Well, I wasn't in the stroller. Hee. Hee. Now, that would have been a cause to call the Fire Department. Anyway, you sound good. Glad you've found a home among believers. That's what the church is all about.