Saturday, January 23, 2016

Weather Update: SNOW!

It's snowing in Southeast Georgia! No photos as they're only flurries but it's definitely the white stuff.

Thank goodness we don't have to go out or do anything outside today.

I'm messing about on the computer, hunting for more family genealogy information, and in between, working on the inevitable taxes that come due in April.

I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate.


Simply Linda said...

Say what....snow in south Gawga. {{giggling}}} No snow here in western NY--just cold and windy. Blessings

Linda Eller said...

Yeah Linda, no snow in W. NY...haha....we southern states have enjoyed the little we get, dont we Sparky? Liked both of your pictures today. Have a good afternoon and evening.

Patsy said...

Some how I got your Green family genealogy?
Was trying to find if we are kin,we only know that two brothers came to Tennessee from N.C. one was my great, great grandfather Gilbert Green. Don't know the brothers name.Gilbert left Tennessee with bunch of children went
to Arkansas. After he came home from Civil War he had my great grandfather Jacob Green then grandfather Gilbert Alexander Green. We
think there n.c. father was name Jacob. At dead end with my Greens.

Sparky said...

@Simply Linda ~ The wind has howled like a Banshee all day. Hopefully, it will lay down soon.
@Linda Eller ~ Even a little flurry is exciting to us, to be sure.
@Patsy ~ Yeah, we probably are kin. It's a HUGE tree with many branches and off shoots.
Y'all stay warm! ~:)

Jackie said...

We stayed inside, too, Sparky.
Looking forward to some warmer temperatures tomorrow.