Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pining For A Pantry

It's been a hoopla of activity in our neck of the woods with yet another 'remodeling' project for our almost 24 year old home. (I blame the new hormones ... they're working splendidly, much to my husbands chagrin!) Next to the last thing to be changed was the pantry I've been pining for. OK, here's a brief history of the house for the newbies: this room started out as the laundry but because it leads into the carport, it migrated into a sort of impromptu front door for the neighbors. My fellow country friends will understand why. Anywho, now that the carport is looking so lovely, I just couldn't have folks weaving past dog smells and clutter before entering the house plus our kitchen is teeny tiny with very little cabinet space. Thus, the pantry idea.


First, we sold the coffin style deep freezer on Craigslist. You know, that thing sold in two hours!? I had no idea freezer's where so popular. It was taking up way too much real estate for just the two of us, and since it was still in excellent working order, we where able to obtain a top dollar resale price.

Next, purchased a smaller upright frost free freezer on sale (my favorite word!). Whilst at Lowe's purchased a single door white cabinet with lots of shelves and matching coat hooks. Moved all the dog items to the left hand side of the room (in the back). We are so organized now.

Voila! Just add food.

Sam III was cool with the whole renovation thing, but his brother Jack was totally freaked out. Someone moved his cheese! I found him cowering in my office with a shattered look on his face. Poor little guy. Several dog cookies, a chew bone and hugs later he was much improved.

The, hopefully, last scheduled remodel is the guest bedroom or The Blue Room, as I call it. The new flooring is purchased, so, we're all set. All that remains is removing and disposing of the 23+ year old carpet. I think that should wait until after Thanksgiving. The older I get, the longer it takes to recover from all this 'fun'. *lol*


Monkeywrangler said...

Looks good Sparky! We are Paris TX as soon as we sell our house here in DFW. It will be grand to be rural at last! Of course it is costing us $$ in repairs to this place, in order to get it on the market to maximize the sale price.
Wish us luck! Have fun doing the final remodelling!

Linda Eller said...

Good job and it looks really good. You two can go into remodeling business! lol Little by little, you are going to have a 'new' house. Also glad to hear the hormone is working for you.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

When you said: "Voila! Just add food." and then showed a picture of the lovely dog I got really worried. You see, my mind works in straight lines with one word following another. So my brain said "food = dog = hot dog = tasty".

I'm so glad you are now feeling better and enjoying the renovation. Best wishes to you and your husband.

God bless.

Sparky said...

@Monkeywrangler ~ Better thee than me. *grin* I think a move would do the ol' girl in these days. Good luck on the repairs, sell and move! I pray it all goes smoothly and quickly. Rural Rules, City Drools. *lol* God bless.
@Linda Eller ~ Yeah, I found out why the increased hormones help. Can put that in an e-mail if interested. I told the PA I am VERY impressed with how she is caring for me. God be praised!
@Victor ~ OMGoodness, I didn't think about the picture placement! You definitely had me LOL.
Thank you all. God bless each and every one. ~:)

Patsy said...

Happy to hear you are felling better. Very good to get projects looking so good. We loved it when we lived in a older home and things planed worked out so well. We loved that older home and did lots of work on it.

Simply Linda said...

Alright, seems Red Bird was lost on my blog list..It seems Blogger is having issues...who the color...thanks for the smiles.

Vee said...

An upright freezer seems right to me. I always hate to dive into a freezer. Everything looks terrific!