Saturday, November 14, 2015

Delta Breeze Was My Need

The day started gray, cold and still. After a near sleepless night, fraught with worry about real or imagined medical concerns*, the sky fit my frame of mind.

Irregardless of the physical circumstances, it was time to feel Delta wind on my knees. After a quick rundown of all the mechanical essentials to ensure safety the metal steed was ready.

We had made arrangements to meet up with a new friend 'Nemo' for a lunch feast from the Honda CB1100 Forum that my husband participates in. 
Redbirds (Hubby) and Nemo

Of course, the first words out of my mouth at the restaurant parking lot was "Did I find Nemo?" Being the great guy he is, Nemo chuckled warmly and, on that happy note, we all enjoyed a scrumptious hot meal at the Steffens Restaurant in Kingsland, Georgia.
Satilla River
near Folkston, Georgia

After the noon repast, induced by a picture perfect sky my state of being improved.
Yours Truly with my
2012 Suzuki V-Strom DL 650

After 150 miles of twisty piney flats, abandoned farm houses, flowing rivers and swamp overlooks, I was beginning to show signs of fatigue. I parted ways with my companions and headed back to the stable to enjoy hot tea and snacks.

By the end of the day, we had an orange tinged sunset with thin streaks of gray set against a stunning azure blue sky. What a magical way to close the day.
*By the by, I am happy to note that the Duavee is working splendidly!
Thank you everyone for your prayers, concern and encouragement.
You are appreciated more than words can express. xx


Patsy said...

That is a good day, after last night and all the bad news. I want to get out and feel the freedom we still have for now.

Wiregrass Steve said...

I am indeed a lucky fellow knowing I can always count on sweetie sharing our adventures. Thank you Dear!

Linda Eller said...

I am glad you got to ride, but most of all, I want you to feel much better, and soon if possible. God bless your day.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Ohhhh, that sounds so therapeutic.
Good to hear.
Oh, the jealous font isn't working, is it?

Jackie said...

So glad you had a safe and beautiful ride.
The photo of the river is spectacular!

Sparky said...

@Patsy ~ I know what you mean. Hope 'they' realize that if they try to ban or ruin motorcycling, that's punishable by death. Theirs. *wink*
@Wiregrass ~ You're welcome Sweetie.
@Linda Eller ~ I am feeling SOOO much better! The Duavee is working splendidly so far. Thank you.
@Ed ~ It was. My attitude always improves after a ride.
@Jackie ~ The beauty here is astounding. I'm grateful I can stop long enough to enjoy it for awhile.
Have a splendid rest of the day folks. ~:)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

what a lovely ride and day y'all glad you were able to enjoy all of it, Sparky.

Simply Linda said...

{{Big, Big Smiles}}--so glad you had a nice day, friend. Blessings

Victor S E Moubarak said...

You really are brave riding a bike for 150 miles. I'm so glad you had a good day though. Hope you're keeping well.

God bless.

Sparky said...

@Thistle, Simply & Victor ~ After the sky cleared, it was a splendid day to be outside and meet up with a new friend. It was a welcome respite from our usual mundane tasks. Thanks everyone for riding by. Hope your day is blessed too. ~:)

DaBlade said...

"After 150 miles of twisty piney flats, abandoned farm houses, flowing rivers and swamp overlooks..." That sounds AWESOME! Makes me wish I could ride, but instead of tea and snacks at the end of my ride, I'd be nursing road raspberries after laying it down to avoid the cows.

Z said...

I'm so happy you got that great day sure is beautiful around you!!