Monday, October 26, 2015

A Walk Around The Property Making Plans

An evening walk around our property yesterday revealed this in the distance.
One of the first trees to 'change' for Fall in SE Georgia is the Chinese Tallow (Triadica sebifera). On the left is our pet cemetery of past furry friends. Notice the forest of leaves on the ground? Time for moi' to get busy with the mulch mower.
The Tallow, up close and personal. They are lovely this time of year. Too bad they're considered invasive in this neck of the woods. This one is not a threat for getting out of hand as it's on the driest part of the property. Nothing seems to want to propagate in this soil.

It should be a quiet week. Only three items that must be taken care of. 

First and foremost is one of my dearest friends is having cataract eye surgery this afternoon. She is scheduled for the first of two lens replacements that I had years ago. I will rejoice with her when she can throw away those coke bottle bottom glasses forever. Please pray for her that all will go well. Thank you so much.

Second is it's time for a monthly B-12 shot. At the same time, I must corral the real Doctor (not the P.A. that usually administers medical care) and start discussing alternative hormone replacement therapy. Seems that after 23 years of Premarin, I may be on the wrong medication. Some adverse symptoms have arisen. I can thank my wonderful husband for acquiring the answer to this problem. When it comes to discussing medicine, I am definitely Medically Challenged. Accounting is my forte. He read a recent article in Motorcycle Classics (yeah, motorcycles ... to the rescue as always ...) that addressed these symptoms and said, "Honey, I know what's wrong!" So, now I have a starting point with which to fix the ailments.

Third is preparations are underway for the Halloween party on Friday evening. I am so juiced. Hubby still has not revealed what he has planned for his costume. Guess we'll have to learn that together, won't we Dear Readers. *grin*

And that's my life this week. What's on your agenda?


Linda Eller said...

We were just talking in our class meeting this past week, that we need to research our health problems and THEN go to the dr. They will do the necessary things, but not address what is really wrong. Your hubby was wise to check out your symptoms. Nobody knows your body better than you (or your hubby in this case). Praying for your friend that is having cataract surgery. We certainly know how it helps, dont we? Hope your party is a big hit. Cant wait to see what you two come up with for costumes! Have a great day.

Z said...

will pray for your friend! I'm due in a year or two!

Your property is BEAUTIFUL! We have the ocean and swaying palms against blue skies, but I LOVE Autumn leaves...thankfully, I got to be among some this weekend in Northern California...

I hope that your med situation is made so much better with your info re premarin..GOOD LUCK!
God bless, Z

Terra said...

Your tree is such a pretty orange, it stands out. I pray your friend's cataract surgery is very successful and that your med situation is improved. Now that I am retired I find my weeks are very busy, funny isn't it?

Lulu James said...

Halloween party---FUN!!!

Alec said...

How respectful you have been to your "furry friends". I'm sure they gave you much love while they were with you.

How can anyone who has known the love of an animal doubt the existence of God?

Be well Sparky!

Tina Leigh said...

Pam I go to Jacksonville to Dr. Randolfs office. Here is the website. I've been going for a year now. Taking progesterone tabs & cream. Read the website about it. I was very very sceptical as a nurse but it has worked for me. So many symptoms that I had are gone. Call me at home if you have questions. 579-2714. The leaves have really started changing the last few days. Beautiful ain't it!