Saturday, September 19, 2015

I'm A Pickin' And I'm A Grinnin'

After our Saturday chores, Hubby and I took the cage and did some pickin'. It's just too difficult to carry fragile items on two wheels.

This is my favorite, the Cardinal Clock. I wish the photograph would show how vibrant the colors are. It's quite lovely. The bird tiles, Hubby found. I thought they where a nice compliment to the clock.

Decorative cups. They appear to be hand painted, but I wouldn't swear to it on a stack of Bibles. *grin*

Cardinal Music Box. I don't recognize the tune. It's a nice addition to the dining room table.

All these items where only $1.00 each!

Now you know why I'm A Grinnin'.

(Deepest apologies to the good folks at Hee Haw for the pun ... *lol*)


Lulu James said...

I have a very similar cardinal music box which was my mother's. A treasure I cherish. I went to a local "Treasure Barn" yesterday and saw a beautiful huge frame marked for $33. Wanted it so bad--but where would I put it in my tiny house? SIGH!
Good Day of Picking, Friend!

Linda E said...

Some good finds my friend, and thanks for sharing them with us. Sleep good.

Jackie said...

I especially love those tiles....
Beautiful finds, and I'm so happy that the price was right!!
Hugs to you,

Ed Bonderenka said...

Chel at Sweetbriar Dreams said...

You have found some great colourful things here. It's surprising what you can pick up at these places. I hope you find out what the music is. Have a great Sunday my lovely xx

Sparky said...

Ah ha! My husband figured out which tune it is on the music box: Music Box Dancer. Have a beautiful day folks. Thanks for stopping by. ~:)