Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wordless Wednesday And A Joke

Yellow Scallop Moth (Anomis erosa)
Thanks Wiregrass Steve!

Not much going on here thus the cop out. :) Hope your day is blessed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giggles this a.m. I love your moth photo, too. Hope you two and the pups will have a good day.

Linda E said...

Same here my friend. Do what makes you happy today!

Simply Linda said...

Hey---umm...starting to worry about you, posting insects....ROLLING LAUGHTER{{{}}}---Thanks for the sure can lighten any mundane/boring day. Blessings

Patsy said...

We are getting a refreshing rain!

Jackie said...

School starts for the students here tomorrow (August 6.)
I'm retired now, but I still get a little misty eyed thinking about the first day of school.
Hope that you and yours are doing well.

White Lace and Promises said...

Sounds like me and the truck:)

Wiregrass Steve said...

Just looked up the identity of this moth, Yellow Scallop Moth (Anomis erosa). It's larve feeds on Cotton and Okra leaves. Plenty of that around here LOL.