Thursday, August 27, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Early 1980's

Sparky and  the original Sam
Early 1980's

Yep, that's me hamming it up on my parent's sofa in Titusville, Florida. The original Sam (Miniature Schnauzer) sleeps beneath the coffee table. He was a sweet dog. The photo was snapped by then new husband. This past August 11th we've been together for 36 years. Bless him, he always is my biggest fan.

In the beginning it seemed like we where broke most of the time. Thank goodness we where young and full of energy! And thanks to a booming economy with President Reagan, hard work, frugal living and God's blessings, prosperity graced our home. Even with all the work the world was still fun though. I have memories of dinner parties with friends, SCUBA diving, motorcycling, dancing, traveling, fishing, hunting, and so forth. Life is quieter now but I wouldn't trade a day of any of it for all the money in Fort Knox.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely memories with us Sparky. Happy Anniversary and many joyful returns to you and your husband.

I read from your "About" that you like Tudor History. Last year I ran a series of History posts on my Blog. This is what I said of the Tudors:

And here is the whole list of History posts:

God bless you and your family.

Simply Linda said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!!! Wishes for many more. {{BIG HUGS TO YOU BOTH}}

The poorhouse is where we are, but prayerfully, school will continue to go swimmingly well and eventually I will get s teaching job. Then it will be a different kind of "poor", wink.


Linda E said...

You were a cutie then and still are today. Hard work pays off in the end. Sounds like you have supported one another along the way and still together is a plus.