Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Adblock Plus Saves Lives

This is just a quick FYI for all my blogging buddies or anyone using Google Chrome browser. Are you sick and tired of flashing, annoying advertisements? I know I am. Some of the sites I visit where getting so maddening they where causing me to harbor violent thoughts towards advertisers ... *lol* FindAGrave in particular had become an exercise in mental torture. Last night I found a great FREE program for eliminating those annoying man-made pestilence.

Go to the Chrome Web Store, type in Adblock Plus, install the program, and you're done! No more wanting to cause bodily harm to any pencil necked geeks who perpetuate that irritating ill treatment for monetary gain.

Ahhhhh. Urge to kill fading ... fading ... gone.

That was as easy as falling off a blog.


Simply Linda said...

Yep....we have a program like that. Pop Up Block or something like that. IF you get the new Windows (or above Vista) it's already built in. Blessings

Patsy said...

Thank, It was so bad I want a different route, but will keep this in mine.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Advertising can be so annoying if it is not wanted. I believe it should be subtle in order to be successful.

For example: bald men can have non-permanent tattoos on their heads advertising such things like breakfast cereals, car tires, or even hair loss treatment. Every week they can wash the tattoos off and print new ones with new adverts. When they meet a lady, they raise their hats to say hello ... et voila ... they reveal an advert for toothpaste or a new style bra !!!

God bless.

Linda E said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have spent more time deleting those stupid ads, than post comments, pics, etc. Good find dear friend!!!

Baysider said...

Thanks for the tip!